Any kind of damage to the car’s bodywork can become a concern for the owner, no matter how small or big it is. It is best to be aware of reliable repair centres that have specialists in providing body repairs and restorations. This helps in making the car look new from all the angles.

Services covered in car body repairs

A qualified team of technicians can manage a full-fledged car repair Leamington spa and replacement of bodywork on numerous vehicles. An experienced group of professionals know exactly how to convert your car into a vehicle as good as brand new.

1.Repair of scratches

Even the smallest of scratches on the car can be repaired by trained body repair Leamington spa technicians on cars of all makes. Using techniques that are approved by the manufacturer, the car is painted or polished to make the damage vanish from the car.

2.Pulling of dents

Small dents, as well as dings, have now become unavoidable. Hidden bollards, car parking slots and careless drivers on the road may cause severe dents on the bodywork of your car. Hence, the intervention of trained experts is required. They repair such damages of any size to the best of their ability.

3.The beating of the panel and their replacement

The worst accidental damages and dents can be repaired by specialists of workshops, wherein they Beat the panel into shape and provide a perfect finish. It is primarily concerned with the outer-body repair of a vehicle.


Well-trained welders help in repairs of bodywork, replacement of panels and restorations. Manufacturer-standard welding is provided by trusted facilities to ensure high-quality repair.

5.Painting and resprays

To complete and freshen up the look of any car, respraying as well as refinishing is required. With the help of spray booths, which include a low bake oven and high-end spray guns, this process can be carried out smoothly. This helps in finishing the paintwork quickly with perfection. The use of manufacturer-approved, environment-friendly, water-based paints, along with protective topcoats, helps in getting that perfect look.

6.Chassis alignment and repairs

In case of a bent or misaligned bodywork or chassis, experts can accurately and safely carry out the process of realignment and repair. The repairs are carried out using jigs approved by the manufacturer to achieve high quality. This assures the safety of the car and also meets the standards of the manufacturer to ensure the car’s road worthiness.

Tyre Fit Auto offers bodywork repair of the highest standard with the latest technology, techniques and tools to repair the vehicle. The manufacturer recommended and approved diagnostic and tool systems helps compliance with regulations. The group of technicians and professionals work hard towards making sure that the customers are satisfied with the end product and get what they want. They would help you achieve your desired vision for your car and educate you about how to prevent damages on your car. Taking good care of your car would save money, effort and time, that you can spend cherishing your car and reliving the joy of driving.