Sending invitations at the time of an important occasion is one of the trickiest tasks to perform. The style of you invites matters a lot as it the basic impression on the minds of the guests. You will never want to adopt the traditional way of sending an invitation to the guests as it will feel boring. Custom Tool Boxes can help you in this stage as these containers are visually enriched and can also be customized in accordance with your desires. They are made up of high-end card stock which feels premium and can elevate the impact of your invitation. Different printing options such as digital printing and offset printing can be done on these cases, both in CMYK and PMS hues. The use of foil printing can also be done to emboss the name of the organizer in gold or silver colors.

Why you need these?

The importance of these cases can never be underestimated. They work both for enhancing the visual appeal of the invitations and facilitating the guest. The design of these cases helps to captivate the interest of the recipients at first glance. They also work to effectively protect your invitation from any wear and tear like creases and folded corners. The style of your invitation case also helps the recipients to determine whether your event theme is formal or casual.

These containers not only help in packaging wedding Invites but also work effectively in other sorts of invitations such as corporate events and business meetings. You can make use of customization to design the boxes in accordance with the theme of your business and can also emboss your brand logo on these cases to enhance the presentation.

The visual appeal of these boxes can also help to determine the decision of the recipient whether they attend your event on not. You can make use of the visual appeal of the cases to engage their interest effectively, making them attracted to your event. The use of such packaging can also facilitate you to reflect the true nature of your event to the guests.

Where can you find these boxes?

There are two ways of getting these boxes for your invitations.

·     Local vendors

Your local vendor can provide you with this packaging style in an effective way, but there are certain factors that affect the process. There are many pros and cons linked with shopping from a local vendor. They can serve you with their expertise, and you can go to their place for checking the quality of materials they utilize in the manufacturing process. But the design option for Invitation Boxes they provide is limited. They only have a small range of customization options available for such packaging, and you often have to go with the old styled containers they have.

·     Online services

You can select an online vendor, but there are certain limitations associated with the online medium. The top concern about online services is that you can’t visit them, and you only have to depend upon the 3-D lockup provided by them. You can either not check the quality of the materials used in the manufacturing unless the package arrives at your doorsteps. The one advantage online suppliers provide is the wide range of customization. You have a variety of designs to choose from. You can also make use of different printing options on these containers according to your desires.

Why us?

Different online vendors stating that we are the best is now becoming cliche, here at we do not just state this but rather prove to be one of the pioneers in the market. We provide our consumers with quality services at reasonable rates, along with providing many free services.

Variation in design

The design of these containers matters a lot as the encasement style adds to the values of your invitation. We provide you with a wide range of designs for these Wedding Invitation Boxes. Our experts always come up with new and innovative packaging designs that can facilitate you in the best way. We also provide free design support so that you can develop a design of your choice by collaborating with our designing experts.

You can make use of different customization options such as raised ink, different finishing options such as UV spot, matte, and gloss. We can also provide you with cut out windows on these containers for Custom Invitations. You can also make use of unique designs such as Silk Invitation Boxes by our business, which can help you to appeal to your audience in an enhanced way.

Use of quality material

Whenever selecting a packaging style, the level of protection it provides to encased item matters a lot. We manufacture our boxes with quality materials that provide a premium level of feel and protection to the package. Our in house engineers and experts make sure that only quality materials are utilized in our manufacturing processes. We have certain quality control standards that help us to ensure quality packaging in an effective way.

The materials used by us in the production of Custom Invitation Boxes are not only high in protective quality but also provide enriched visuals to the package. The forming materials used in the process have an enhanced feel to them, which can help in engaging the interest of recipients in a dynamic manner. 

Low lead time required

The advanced machinery and production techniques executed by our business enable us to process bulk orders in the lowest lead time possible. We can process Wedding Invitation Boxes Wholesale orders in minimum time span without compromising the build quality of containers. The techniques enable us to provide your order within 4 to 6 working days. We also provide you with free shipping services in the USA, Canada, and all across Europe so that you can save your extra bucks.

Ecological approach

The world is now more concerned about increased global warming due to the carbon footprint of the industrial sector. There is always a need for sustainable packaging solutions in the industry that can be recycled easily and minimize the use of resources in a better way. We provide you with the best quality of eco friendly packaging due to the use of card stock in our manufacturing process. Cardboard is highly reusable and can be re purposed easily. Despite the card stock construction, these Eco Friendly jewelry Boxes by our brand are rich in visuals and functioning.


Q What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all styles of online payments through Visa, PayPal, Master Card, and Amex or Discover.

Q What is the average turnaround time you provide?

We provide our customers with minimum lead time. Although the order is processed in the first 4 to 6 working days, the maximum time required is 6 and 10 days of shipping on your doorsteps.

Q. Can I ask to print my own artwork on the containers?

Yes, we do print custom artwork on these boxes. You need to send your design to us. We offer our customers to unleash their creativity on the containers and provide high-quality printing for their creative ideas.

Q Is it necessary to designs the boxes by us?

No, it is never necessary to design the containers on your own. Our expert designers can do it for you. That is just an option if you want to design on your own. Otherwise, you need to present your desired idea, and they can come up with innovative designs for you.