People have started to assume so many false things about candle boxes because of the old era of the boxes. What they do not know is that the custom option has brought a lot of features, functionalities, and specifications to this packaging that are most beneficial for your business. Here you will find out some of those false assumptions and the reason why they are not true.

Not for protection:

For so many years, cardboard boxes come in a wear and tear form. They are not durable and can easily damage your product even from a little shock during delivery. But this is not the case anymore. Candle packages that you will find now are created using different manufacturing materials. Today they are manufacturing from utilizing several layers of cardboard and kraft paper, which make them durable enough to hold your fragile candles firmly inside them. 

The protection that custom printed candle boxes are providing to products is the reason why businesses are getting attracted to them these days. If you still think that they cannot hold the product and can easily be torn off, you can use different insertions inside them like sleeves, place holders, foam inserts, and dividers to store the products separately so that they would get affected by neither delivery nor shipping. 


Before customization and packages like custom candle boxes, manufacturers consider the packaging as an extra expense. That is why they can easily compromise on the quality of the package. But as the need for packages has emerged and are providing so many advantages to the businesses, people have started to consider them as an essential need in the business. As they are produced from materials that can be easily found in the market, they are highly cost-effective, and you can get them from any packaging market. You can also find custom printed candle boxes wholesale in huge amounts from different online marketplaces to get extraordinary discounts and deals. While this is not it, with their reduced cost, they are providing so many huge benefits to the businesses in the cost of packaging.

Not good for the environment:

As toxic packaging like plastic and glass has created a huge bad impression and negative impact on our environment and industry, people have started to consider every packaging solution as harmful to the environment. But what they do not know that there are still some options like cardboard candle boxes are available that can reduce the damage that plastic has done. These packages are totally made from materials that are 100% naturally made and easily can be recycled in any way. That is why you can easily dispose of them on the land because they do not take many years to decompose like plastic. Printed candle boxes do not cause any kind of harmful radiation after getting heated like plastic. This packaging is perfectly sustainable, which can easily secure nature and your business as well. 

Dull and old-fashioned:

Usually, because of the old tradition in the boxes, they kinda look dull because of that dull brown color, which can get dirty easily. But several innovations have been brought to the packaging industry now. 

Different printing techniques and designing options are available from which you can use to make your packages attractive and modern. What you have to do is to find packaging like custom boxes, which can easily produce high-quality printing results, and you are good to go. You can search out for several unique patterns and designs for them and can choose the template which you think is best for your product. 

All are the same:

The days have long gone when you get your packages in the same square shape. Now custom printed boxes can be found in any shape, design, and style. After purchasing them, you will also have the option to customize them specifically to your requirements. They are coming in the market in several designs like die-cut window style, cardboard handle style, pillow style, and so many others. It depends on you how you want your package to provide the best user-friendly experience to your customer. You can find different personalization options that are being used in the market and get your unique design according to the characteristics and category of your product. 

Not good for promotion:

Business manufacturers are moving towards e-marketing methods because they do not consider their packaging for their promotion. What they do not know is that packaging can be effective for promotion more than any other promotional technique. For instance, like you have read about the printing quality that candle packages provide, you can use that to print all of your company information on them instead of printing them on a big flyer or poster. This will save you a lot of money, and with the product, it will also tell details about your brand to your customer.

After the above discussion, you might get the idea that all of those wrong myths about candle boxes are based on unnecessary facts, and they are opposite from them. Even you cannot survive in business if you do not use them for your several marketing needs. To get the best out of them, all you have to do is to utilize every single custom option that is available.