With the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, people are inclining towards the digital medium for services. Right from grocery shopping to ordering medicines, they are dependent on smartphone applications. They prefer these on-demand apps because they offer reliable, affordable, and convenient solutions. However, people find it challenging to switch between multiple apps for different services. Maintaining control over multiple orders is complicated with separate apps.

This demanding situation has led to the rise of a multi-services app; wherein multiple services are provided under a common roof. Apps like Dunzo, Go-Jek, etc., have already established their multi-services apps. Are you an entrepreneur looking to develop your business in the on-demand app market? In such a case, you can initiate the Dunzo Clone app development to gain instant popularity among the masses. In this blog, let’s look at some of the reasons why you should launch your app amid the COVID-19 crisis.

‘The app provides enhanced comfort’ 

By offering multiple services from a single app, you let your users have complete control over the services they avail. They can book a taxi, order food, shop groceries, and many more on the platform. Besides, the app replaces several apps, occupying increased storage space in smartphones. As a result, your app prevents phone speed deterioration and enhances the quality of services gained by customers.

‘The app lets you widen the target audience’ 

Instead of narrowing your services to a specific audience, you can widen your customer base seamlessly with the multi-services app. This way, you enhance your chances of the app’s success. Moreover, even if one of your services fails to gain reception, the other services of the app will supplement it, boosting your customer retention.

‘The app provides revenue from multiple sources’ 

You needn’t worry about generating income with the app. With multiple services under your belt, you can yield revenue in the form of commissions and delivery charges. Besides, the app offers real-time analytics, letting you apply surge pricing as and when necessary. Moreover, the platform opens up a vast revenue-yielding market in the form of advertisements, as well.

Summing up,

The multi-services platform has multiple aspects that can ensure sustainability. It enhances user convenience, increases your customer base, and helps you gain revenue from numerous sources. Reach out to an app development company, demand the on-demand services app, and launch your app instantly.