AD0-300 Exam is the new exam code for Adobe Campaign Business Practitioner, Passcert Adobe AD0-300 Exam Dumps are designed to provide the practice questions and answers needed to prepare for your Adobe Campaign Business Practitioner exam and help you determine when you are ready to take the exam. 

AD0-300 Adobe Campaign Business Practitioner Certification

AD0-300 Adobe Campaign Business Practitioner exam is designed for individuals who are currently performing or have previous work experience with the job responsibilities of an Adobe Campaign Business Practitioner. You are not required to complete training before taking the exam; however, AD0-300 practice questions cansignificantly increase your knowledge and skills with Adobe Campaign. Successful,on-the-job experience is critical to providing you the knowledge needed to pass theexam.

AD0-300 Exam Information - Campaign Business Practitioner Exam

Exam name: Adobe Campaign Business Practitioner

Exam number: AD0-300

Number of questions: 54

Time limit: 85 minutes

Exam cost: $180 (US Dollars)

Passing score: All Adobe exams are reported on a scale of 300 to 700. The passing score for each exam is 550. 

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What topics are covered on the Adobe Campaign Business Practitioner exam?

The tasks measured on the exam are grouped into the following domains:

Topics covered in AD0-300 Adobe Campaign Business Practitioner exam

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1.A campaign business practitioner needs to build an A/B test email campaign for two different promotions. By the theme that generates the most website visits.

Which email metric indicates the winning promotion theme?

A. Highest Click through rate

B. Lowest unsubsubscribe rate

C. Highest open rate

D. Lowest activity rate

Answer: A

2.Which best practice should a user take to move an improperly placed campaign into the correct program folder?

A. Rename the improper program location to the appropriate program

B. Recreate the campaign in correct program

C. Select the correct program dropdown in the campaign edit tab

D. Click and drag the campaign into the appropriate program

Answer: C

3.A user is assigned to the administrator group (which has full access) and a developer access (which has restricted access).

What is the result?

A. Based on administrator access, the user does NOT have any limitations

B. The user is unable to perform any tasks in the instance until the contradiction is fixed

C. An error is produced because this is NOT a compatible configuration

D. The user is limited to the rights granted to the Developer group

Answer: A

4.In which three execution status states can a campaign business practitioner start a workflow? (Choose three.)

A. Finished

B. Being Edited

C. Paused

D. Error

Answer: ABC

5.For which reason does a fork activity produce an error?

A. The fork has no inbound transition

B. The fork’s outbound transition are out of sequence

C. The fork has an inbound transition that has zero results

D. The fork’s outbound transition has no connected activity

Answer: D