Mismanagement and lack of vision on the part of lawmakers and politicians has led to the present unprecedented water crisis in most parts or metros of India. What is the need of the hour ?

Desalination technology is not at all the viable and permanent solution which involves huge capital, maintenance & recurring costs thereby leading to corrupt practices. Moreover you end up with a reject stream (waste water) for which there is no remedy or solution. In other words, there is no zero discharge so far as desalination technology is concerned.

There are some short-term and long-term solutions to resolve and mitigate the water crisis in the days to come and in the near future, which are listed below :

● Desilting of water bodies (silt & mud removal)
● Recharging of water bodies/dry reservoirs
● Construction of several artificial check-dams in the catchment areas
● Implementation of tested technology for producing artificial rains which involves chemical seeding of clouds
● Prevention of evaporation of water from existing lakes or reservoirs by a tested technology
● Temporary closure or shutdown of tanneries and leather industries
● Rainwater harvesting and construction of underground rainwater ponds or percolation tanks in the catchment areas