Best funny memes kid friendly cats

Looking for a kid-friendly cat top bring home? Generally, cats are not considered as friendly as dogs and this is also one of the reasons that people prefer dogs over cats. However, no matter what, this does not stop the enthusiastic cat lovers from bringing these felines home. 

When bringing a cat home, irrespective of the breed, you will need to get a real ESA letter to live and travel with it. Before getting the letter, go through an ESA letter sample to know about all the details.

If you are looking for a cat that will be friendly with your kids then you need not look further. Choose from the cats listed below to bring home a friendly canine.

Why do cats love kids?

1. Burmese Cats

If you like your cat to be fearless, intelligent and fun to have around then a Burmese cat is an ideal choice for you. These cats are curious and they love to mingle with everyone around, including your lovely kids. They are not too demanding and they are great with other pets or ESAs also.

2. Maine Coon Cats

Maine Coon is one of the costliest cat breeds in the world, it is very much like an emotional support dog and is not like your usual meowing cat. It is a large cat with lots of furs that your kids will love to cuddle. These cats are friendly, gentle, devoted, intelligent and great with kids. They love to play and follow their humans around.

3. Bombay Cats

Known for their strikingly beautiful black color, a Bombay cat is an intelligent and mischievous cat, all that makes it a great addition to any family. These cats could be trained to walk on a leash, just like a dog, their playfulness will keep the entire household happy. They are intelligent, affectionate and outgoing and make a great playmate.

4. Birman Cats

Besides being beautiful, these cats are calm, gentle and affectionate in nature and are great with adults and kids alike. They do not demand much attention and are quite easy to handle and ideal if you are looking for an even-tempered pet or emotional support animal letter cat.

5. American Shorthair

It is a sweet-natured cat that makes great emotional support animals and pets for households with kids. They need regular grooming to stay fit and in a top position, which means that you can let your kids do the grooming and create a stronger bond with them.

6. Exotic Shorthair

An Exotic Shor thair looks a lot like a Persian cat minus all the extensive grooming that a Persian cat needs. These cats are loving, affectionate, easygoing and make a great companion for kids. They love warm hugs and petting, which means that your kids will love to have it around.

7. Ragdoll Cats

One of the most defining qualities of this cat is that they love to be held and picked up. They are gentle and quite low maintenance, making them great for kids. They love to have fun playtime with kids and when trained properly, you can take them on an on-the-leash walk also.

8. Devon Rex

Looking for a hypoallergenic cat? A Devon Rex fits the bill perfectly. With big and adorable eyes and ears, these cats are definitely the lookers and having loads of energy, they make great play companions for your kids. Besides, they also love to have quiet and peaceful evenings with you and the kids.

All of these cats make great playful companions for your kids. However, make sure that your kids are gentle and careful with the cat. They are fragile and any rough handling could be bad for her and cause damage to your feline and also don't forget to get done esa registration.

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