One is returning from work, it's a dark winter night. Everyone is inside their home. Due to winters, it is deserted and darker, nothing is visible on the street. But, what if your home has outdoor wall light, from far it will be visible the way to your house's main gate. The primary use of outdoor lights is to let the human activities efficiency increase as soon as its darker. It also increases the beautification of the city and makes it safe and secure for humans to move and work accordingly. At woodenstreet, a wide range of antique and classy outdoor wall lights is available. It is used for great ambience on the veranda that makes the outside of the home look attractive when walking sideways. In terms of safety, it improves the vision of owners, guests at night to find where to move next to reach home. For home security, it helps the owners to detect if there are any potential intruders.

The Aesthetic Design of Outdoor Lights at Woodenstreet: 

Traditional style outdoor lights

outdoor wall light

Such outdoor wall lights are used for classic outer decor that always remains trendy. Traditional designs are known for their detail; they always look stylish. It usually has old-school designs such as lantern-style outdoor lights. Some of the popular lights are Antique gold mild steel wall light, Vintage Moroccan Decorative Wall Lamp, Cluster Cages Pendant Hanging Light, etc. 

Contemporary style outdoor lights

Outdoor Lights

Contemporary is itself what is currently in trend, usually inspired by previous trends. The earlier movements such as Mid-Century, Bauhaus, retro, and Art Deco have influenced the modern styles of lighting. Such outdoor wall lights are minimal and classy though appealing for modern decor. For offices and homes, they are popular, giving a focal point for modern yet minimal. The collection includes Black Steel Picture Light, Square White Steel Picture, etc.

Mission style outdoor lights

Mission outdoor wall light work for different spaces to look elegant with a timeless quality. At woodenstreet, an immense collection for such style is available that creates an environment of world style. Mission style is influenced by medieval designs that carry classic traits that remain for centuries. Best suitable for wet locations, from dusk to dawn, and damp locations. The architecture for the mission is drawn from geometric structures that look iconic outdoors. The collection includes Black Mild Steel Wall Light, Jenga Wooden Wall Art, etc.

Popular Outdoor Lights in Trend

Moroccan Cone Copper Outdoor Wall Light

Moroccan Cone Copper outdoor wall lights are a pierced design that has a reflection with aesthetic openwork that brightens up the outer decor. Such lamps fit over the existing light, the lamp shades never come with electrics. It has the finishing of the antique brass torch with a flame of brass creates an appealing spectacle. It will cost Rs 1,449/- only.

White and Gold Malawi Outdoor Wall Light

White and Gold Malawi is an African Landrace strain, it is the oldest design that even parents remember. The genetics of Malawi creates psychedelic Sativa highs that everyone loves. The lampshades that are Indica have a deeply calming sensation that reduces anxiety and is good for sleep. The architecture is an improved form of jellyfish Malawi. A combination of organic textures and shapes having smooth finishing creates a style of Scandinavian for the garden. 

Antique Gold Mild Steel Outdoor Wall Light:

The primary focus of Antique Gold Mild Steel Outdoor Wall Light, instead focuses on center it gives attention to the whole room. A Vintage collection of outdoor lights for contemporary looks at offices or home. It usually comes in a star shape and saves a lot of space. It will cost Rs. 2,599/- only.

Outdoor wall lights highlight the outer decor of houses, offices, or any other type of decor. It brightens the veranda and looks appealing from far, whenever anyone passes away from the street, it gives vision at a darker time. It can be used for various purposes at home, offices, or any architectural building. At wooden street, an immense range is available for every purpose. There are many designs available, but it depends on an individual choice what kind of decorative lights one wants for their decor.