A lot of people think that memories can be stored or captured only as pictures.They think that the more pictures they take,the more memories they make.Are you still thinking that pictures are the only medium to memorize things back?Are you?A big question arises here.Who said memories need to be captured by a mobile phone or cameras.Memories need to captured in our hearts rather than in our mobile phones.Who said we need mobile phone to make memories?We just need pure love to make it.I personally do not have any picture with my loved ones.Yes,not a single one.But the memories I made with them are still  unforgettable.I made a lot of memories with them.A perfect relationship doesn't need any mobile phone,social media accounts,etc to get interacted.The memories will itself make their bond stronger.Maybe you aren't taking them the way you dud before(years back),but trust me the memories you made with them are worth a thousand of world's costliest diamonds.If you are remembering someone,just go and meet them with a big hug and a huge smile rather than just sittings in your air conditioner rooms and chatting on social media.Make your life simple rather than making it a tough one.Life is like a journey from birth to death.We just need to travel it with a lot of adventures.People will come and go(emitting some remarkable  impressions which you can never forget)what will remain intact is the memories you make with them.

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