Wordpress.Org is a famous CMS in this era. Everyone wants to create blogs on Wordpress. Every has a query in their coronary heart, Is wordpress true or horrific? So nowadays I am going to show you Advanages and drawbacks of WordPress. Previously we've got discussed approximately Blogspot. And we're with wordpress. So, Lets begin


Easy To Use- Everyone is aware of that wordpress is simple. If you are beginner and want begin a blog on wordpress then you haven't any motive to worry about coding. Because WordPress is splendid easy to use

Flexible- Wordpress has Thousands of Plugins to be had of their Plugin keep you may use them in step with your need

Self-Hosted- Means you have fully control over your contents. You can migrate or delete you cantents every time anywhere


 If you're looking dangers of WordPress then their is much. Only you need to pay couple of dollars to begin a wordpress weblog it truly is it.

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