Yesterday I got one of the best question
Why do girls not propose to boy..?
As per Google
"Fear of rejection:-
Guys love girls who are able to tell what they feel, and don't hold back. ... Many girls do not take an initiative in proposing first because of the fear of rejection.
It is not only fear, in fact it is a girls' moto.
you know what, Telling someone what they feel for her/his is one of the best feelings for them.
Focus your attention on the people you love.
If she/He rejects you it doesn't mean that you are not Good, it's just a His/Her Issue not yours Be always best in your own no matter how many times you are rejected.
For today's generation love is just a fun, but it's not, Love is Symbol of God.
So don't make it As a common word.
I have seen many Lovers in my school/Hostel life and college life too, Actually they get every
kinds of info. About That guy infos. Are 1)Family, 2)Future, 3)Look/Education, And much more.
you know what, it's not a love it's just a deal..If you are in love then make your partner best if she/he is not "There should be a support foreach other". No one is perfect in the world everone has to adjust a little bit, Be honest with your partner.
If you feel love for someone just try to know about there thinking and Body language which is most precious for a couple.
What do you know about #katna ..?
It's nothing but a hindi word which means you lose that guy with whom you Want to enjoy your life. Actually he/she wants someone else so just be happy nd say it's ok to yourself. Don't make it a big issue.
It's not necessary that your Crush will have to be your wife/Gf/husband/Bf in future.
If you feel more weight of love from your side than his/her side, just Say with him/her without any ego/Attitude.
If you want to say someone no then say in polite way because he/she may have a lots of feelings for you which should never be hurt in any way.
We are studying in engineering college so we all know about sex ratio in IIT/NIT.
So be human before Boys or Girls, "Everyone is having a feelings for someone,nd everyone is
having a right to share that feelings to them".
Say Thanks to god, to getting human body.
Never Ego about your body; body tell your external features but your kind heart shows your
Thinking ability or good manners.
"No one is bad nd, no one is good " make them perfect .
These points are not only for one thing, it explains all the situations of love.