A website is mandatory for every business, millions of people are visiting our website everyday.  Core elements are necessary for website building and a website the backbone for every business. Web Designing Course in Chennai is the right choice to learn about web designing and build an amazing website shortly.


In simple terms, web development is difficult without proper design. Web Developers and Designers deal with two distinct elements. Web developers write the code and bring work to the designers, Web Designers mainly focus on the visual side to ensure the website looks fantastic. Developers convert static layout into dynamic with links, images, content sliders, etc., 

Roles and Responsibilities

Here is the look of the roles and responsibilities of web designers and developers for a company. 

Trouble-free websites

There are lots of errors and trails involved during web development. Building a website should be fast, good, and responsive. Developers must find the error on the website and fix it shortly. 

Software Development companies identify the growth of voice search and they implement the features in web development projects. Know more about voice search implementation through Web Development courses in Chennai, experts' approach is helpful to learn everything.

Traffic Monitoring

Developers need to monitor the traffic once the website goes live for better understanding. If the website engages with low customers, developers should make changes to the website. 

Use coding language to bring an amazing design

Web developers use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP language to build a perfect design.  

Establishing a Brand Identity and Theme for all pages

The major duty of a web designer is to prove brand identity through the use of colors, themes, font, and graphics. Choosing a perfect theme will help to reach a major number of customers shortly. Web Designing Training in Chennai helps to build a website with the perfect theme. 

Develop a web page with rich features

A perfect website has lots of features and functionalities. Designers can incorporate additional features like videos and links to different social media pages on websites. India is considered as the top most destination for web development services. Choosing a career in web design is challenging one in today’s competitive world. Web Designing course Online provides excellent support for all. 

Web Developers sometimes called programmers, they choose CMS tools like Joomla or WordPress to maintain and update the website easily. Learn about Front-end and Back-end developer below: 

Front-end developers use Javascript libraries, frameworks, and styling preprocessors to fasten the development process. 

Back-end developers can control requests and server data. Developers build a dynamic website and submit all the required data on the databases and servers. 

Enrich your web development skills with a Web Designing course in Bangalore master's support. Follow my profile for more technology updates and finally as the above discussion both are very important for all the processes, so web design and web development are almost the same.