Assume when you have posted a picture on your Facebook account and then when you come back to check out your account, you realize that your Facebook is not working. Sounds painful right? At this moment if you are in such pain, we are right here to help you. 

  • Some people in your Facebook account will be just sharing something and filling your newsfeed. Sometimes, you may even get fed up by seeing such posts. In this situation you can’t just block or unfriend that person since they may feel bad when they get to know but you can UNFOLLOW such people. 

Go directly to their profile, there you can see a box saying friends; just click on that and then select unfollow. 

  • If you want to maintain Facebook safely then you must disable tags or any facial recognition. This may be fun for you, but this can also cause some sort of serious issues. 

So to disable, first go to settings & privacy, then click on settings, and then on the facial recognition. Change the settings in the facial recognition to no.

So when Facebook finds any facial recognition, first you will have to review it. 

  • Forgot your password or isn’t it working? We can retrieve your account very easily. Enter your email address or phone number and then click on ‘the forgot password’. Now a code will be sent to the registered email address or phone number. Enter the code and reset the new password.

  • Check whether the Facebook server is down for everyone or it's just for you. 

  • Disable any VPN and then connect with your Facebook account again. 

  • If you see errors like ‘there was a problem...’, at once you see this kind of message in Facebook you should know that the other person has blocked you, turned tagging off or maybe they have changed their privacy options. 


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