YouTube is the biggest search engine platform, and it gets 1billion views per day. It has the second largest search engine worldwide. It is the advertising prospects of the record industry.  YouTube videos get views, likes, dislikes, comments. You can get all the capabilities for your video, and it goes viral. And you get the numbers of viewers and make some grooming via YouTube.   It is an excellent platform to give your audience about business or brand. YouTube channel gives the opportunity to become popular and get the massive success of your channel. Your channel may become trendy and famous in short span time with minimum investment by buying cheap youtube likes for videos.

Here are two primary options for advertisement. There are display ads and video ads.

Display ads

                 Display ads appear while playing the video in the corner of the screen. It's only available on the desktop or its pop-up on Youtube videos.

Standard Banner Ad - These ads are like the Google Display Ads. you can select the specific keywords and topic categories where your banner ads want to display

In-Video Overlay Ads - These ads show on pop-ups in existing circumstantial videos focused on selected queries. If you add the link in the destination URL, it goes outside of YouTube. 

Video Ads

             Generating video ads is easy, but you can decide how to create ads. There are look crisp and professional. Video ads can help you elaborate on the awareness of your brand and record the attention. 

In-Stream Video Ads - It is the most popular video ad format. These ads pop out while you watch your videos on YouTube. The audience views these ads a minimum of 30 sec after they have decided to skip the remaining ads.

                   If you have posted your video ads have an interest, maybe the audience will keep watching continuously

                 For these ads, you don't have to pay the viewers to watch the video until 30 sec or the end. They wish to skip the video, you don't pay anything. 

                You pay the same amount whether the audience watches 5 minutes or the whole extended video, you can pay the same price. But some research says the longer videos are better than, the shorter videos.

In-Slate Video Ads - These ads appear before the play video on YouTube. It is displayed before Playing videos that are 60 seconds or longer. Audiences can select to watch one of three ads or select to see commercial breaks during your video.           

In-Search Video Ads - It has appeared on the above or right side of the YouTube results. It is similar to the text ads in the Google engine. The advertisers bidding the keywords is the same as the text strategies to create AdWords text ads

In-Display Video Ads - These ads display on the next of other videos. It is a YouTube video ad format displayed in search results like relevant videos, watch pages, and promotion text.

Video Advertising Tools:

                   YouTube has several tools, extensions it can be easily unmarked 

YouTube Analytics Data - You can measure the improvement of video performance. The advertisers collect the information on metrics.

Remarketing - The viewers who already watched your videos on YouTube or Google Network.