Printed circuit board or PCB is the lifeline of any electronic device; therefore, this board cannot be flawed in any manner. Since the PCB is the base component of your business application, if it fails then your entire component will crash down. It is crucial that you get the best PCBs whether you are outsourcing the assembly process or doing it in-house. Here are the qualities of a highly reliable printed circuit board.

Premium Quality Base Material

The ability of the PCB to conduct electrons flow is a key determinant of the PCB reliability factor. This capacity can only be accomplished if the base material used is of premium quality. With a good quality base material, you can prevent problems such as open circuit or delamination owing to inflation. Therefore, it is best for the PCB manufacturer to test the base material before using it. 

Immaculately Clean PCB

Printed circuit boards should not have any dust or dirt on their surface. Reliable and functionally PCBs are manufactured to be completely dust-free and devoid of any type of solder resistant materials. If the circuit board is not cleaned during the pcb fabrication process, then it can result in poor connection or bad solder points.

Copper clad Meets Tolerance Standards

A good PCB will have copper cladding that satisfies the tolerance standards that are set according to quality criteria IPC4101 ClassB/L. this is crucial in guaranteeing better control on dielectric layer thickness. A substantially thick dielectric layer helps in plummeting the deviation in the expected performance value.

Hole Wall Thickness

The hole’s wall is usually clad with copper and it is made to thickness of 25 microns. This feature ensures that the PCB is more reliable since it helps to strengthen the ability of the board to resist expansion along the z-axis. The PCB manufacturer must take care to avoid blowing through the hole because it can cause electrical connectivity problems owing to assembling shortcomings. 

No track Cut PCBs

A reliable printed circuit board can be guaranteed if there are no repairs of any nature done by soldering or any break line repairs.  Soldering free repairs do not need any form of maintenance. Furthermore, they guarantee a no error situation and this ensures perfectly functioning PCBs. When PCBs have no line breaks repairs, it helps to reduce the possibility of current interruption. Highly reliable circuit boards are those that do not have soldering repairs.

To guarantee a highly reliable printed circuit boards (PCBs) industry approved materials should be used. The PCB fabrication company should ensure that all processes are well-defined and checked to guarantee quality. The PCBs must undergo quality checks to ensure that the strength, quality of material, shape of holes, and other mechanical features comply with set standards of safety and quality.

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