How To Use Water Eject Shortcut on iPhone?

Getting water in your iPhone’s speaker could be a nightmare for you but don’t worry Apple has developed some amazing features for its users. And one of them is a water eject shortcut iPhone which will be helpful for the users to get out the water from airpods or iPhone. 

Use water eject shortcut – 

  1. First of all go to and then hit the button get shortcut. 
  2. Now you have to click on add shortcut so that you will be able to see the water eject shortcut on the screen in front of you in the short cuts section. 
  3. In this step the users need to tap on the option of short cut and then choose begin water ejection. 
  4. You will see that you phone is emitting a low frequency sound which is the sound of water ejecting and you will be informed by a notification sound when the process is done and completed.

Adding short cuts to home screen – 

  1. For this you need to long press on the short cut button and then move ahead to select the button of detail. 
  2. Now the users need to select add to home screen so that the short cut will be added to your home screen or the main screen. 
  3. You can access water eject iPhone short cut by a simple command of ‘hey siri, water eject’ and the process will begin. Using this shortcut you can get rid of the water from your device very easily.

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