Living in 2020 you will all be familiar with the word search engine optimization or SEO. Or alteast you know what a search engine is or must have known something such as Google. If not I suppose you are dead.

Although searching on internet is very old as that of SEO. However, with the first research on internet or even when internet was thought the foundations of SEO had been laid.

To better understand, let see how search engines work:

In start of internet era, search engines were not very smart. They would look at very basic information and return the result. It was also very easy to manipulate search engines at that time, which is referred to as spamming now a days.

For example, before modern search engines, an algorithm would look the number of times the search query appeared on the retrieved page.

The more times a web page has the exact query, more chances of its ranking. This could be very easily manipulated by spammers.

But, no search engine could stand without user satisfaction from its search quality. Now you know why MSN & old search engines are dead now.

However modern day search engines work on many different algorithms to maintain the quality and relevance in search results. According to Brian Dean's Backlinko, there are some 200 ranking factors for Google.

Todays search engines do not just look at the keyword usage in webpage. But there are number of factors that contribute in determining the relevancy of a webpage to search equerry.

Lets have a look at top factors used by search engines to rank webpages:

Meta Data:

Meta data is the most important consideration for search engines when determining about relevancy of webpage to search query. Not only for search engines but meta title & description is important for user itself as it is the first thing a user will see about a webpage.

Page speed & mobile friendliness:

One of the major update todays search engines have made is to shift towards mobile first indexing. It means that search engines like Google award websites that appear good on mobile as well.

Page speed is another crucial factor which is considered for ranking as users don’t tend to wait long for webpages to fully load. Don’t worry its not too hard & seo services and companies make it even more easier to implement.

Website content:

Website content is like a nucleus. It is the most vital part of any SEO campaign. Website content optimization has undergone a massive shift from keyword stuffing to strategically writing content.

According to Google’s web optimization guidelines, “one needs to optimize for users and not for search engines.”

Link Building:

Modern day search engines do not only consider what is on site itself. Rather, how the other world in internet reacts to the information provided over internet.

Links are the determination of a websites popularity among similar website on the internet. Google considers links pointing towards a specific page as votes.

So, we can conclude easily that SEO in 2020 is not as easy as it was before and has become more technical. So, how would local businesses coup with the ever changing world of SEO? Should a business consider hiring an SEO agency? Or to DIY find it here.