The shipping button allows you to specify the weight of the case the height width and length and you will create your shipment once you have done this you would accept your shipment and print The Associated shipping label the reveal clear aligner team understands it is a competitive market for clear aligners competitors selling products directly to the consumer are impacting your business and it is our objective to provide you an end-to-end solution that includes marketing support reveal has partnered with Henry Schein 1 to provide you with a suite of services that allows you to utilize reveal to drive new revenue growth in your practice today's consumer is different and that makes today's patient different a recent study has shown the 82%

 of patients choose their provider based on online search and information to combine that with the fact that one in three patients leave their dentist annually and that means an active marketing program is an essential part of integrating aligners into your practice over 2 million Americans search for clear aligners monthly in the US this means your patients are searching for aligner options that may or may not include you depending on your marketing activities the revealed clear aligner comprehensive program combines the product with key marketing services to help you compete with consumer direct aligner options supported by Henry Schein one technology and services we help you communicate with existing patients as well as develop programs to drive new patients to your practice thank you for viewing this presentation unrevealed clear aligner our goal is to
provide you with innovative and unique solutions for your practice and patients if you have any additional questions you can call us at 888 three one three three
five one. Aligners is a unique product and very high in demand, because now a days teeths problems are very common in p