Defence in Dissolution of Marriage in Pakistan:

Nazia Law Associates is the best law firm for the cases and decision of dissolution of marriage in Pakistan which can get you Nadra divorce certificate. It may be pleaded that marriage has been consummated. That the plaintiffs age is more than 18 years and she has not repudiated her marriage between 16 to 18 years of age.  NO. 26—DOWER laws: (1) Muslim Law.  (2) W. P. Family Courts Act, 1964.  


Dower or Mehar is a sum of money or other property which a wife is entitled to receive from husband in consideration of marriage- Dower may be fixed before or after marriage and can be increased after marriage. If the amount of dower is not fixed, or the marriage was contracted on the express condition that she will not claim any dower even then the wife is entitled to proper dower. Money may be 10 Dirham.' The amount of dower is usually split up into "prompt" and ' 'deferred" Prompt is one which is payable on demand. The other is called deferred which is payable on dissolution of marriage in Pakistan which can get you Nadra divorce certificate or by death or divorce. The prompt dower may be realized at any time by the wife before or after consummation. Dower is a debt payable to wife and she is within her legal right to even press for its payment. 


A suit for recovery of dower is governed by Section 19 of the Family Courts Act. A Court-fee stamp of Rs. 15.00 is to be paid on plaint. Amendment to include the claim of dower: Suit for prompt dower tiled by the wife before Talaq became effective, the question of an express waiver of a claim to deferred dower, held, does not arise, the amendment allowed to include a claim for deferred dower. 

Claim of dower after dissolution of marriage in Pakistan which can get you Nadra divorce certificate: (1) the husband neither making any claim for return of dower nor wife waiving her claim of dower. The court granting khula and not putting any condition that the wife will forego her right to claim dower, wife held, entitled to claim dower. (2) The wife can claim the full amount of dower if the husband wishes to divorce her, but she may forego and return the same if she seeks khula. Completion of the transaction of dower: Transaction of dower completed on the date of registration of marriage, the title of land given in dower validly passed in favor of the wife and could not be postponed till attestation of mutation. 

Deferred dower: 

The dower is a right which comes into existence after marriage. The enforcement of deferred dower is held in obeyance till death or divorce by way of dissolution of marriage in Pakistan which can get you Nadra divorce certificate. Delivery of possession: (1) Gift of land by the husband to wife and possession delivered. The wife in effective control of the property, acts of the husband concerning property do not derogate against the gift. 6(2) Gift instead of dower is Hiba-bil-iwaz, delivery of possession not essential. Demand of prompt dower: (1) the wife not staying with husband, she may demand prompt dower. The court must decree it. (2) In the case of prompt dower wife after nikah is entitled to claim the entire amount of prompt dower and refuse consummation until prompt dower is paid. In Our Law Firm in Lahore there are many lawyers who can guide us on the Dissolution of Marriage in Pakistan.