If you are searching for a quick solution to convert EDB files to PST file format, then you are in the right place. Users usually store their mailbox data in the storage groups in the early versions of the Exchange server. But after the Microsoft Exchange 2010, the storage groups were replaced with the databases. This is the reason that it becomes complex to create the backup of the Exchange data. Here in this article, we will discuss the best automated EDB to PST converter tool which can easily export all the Exchange data to MS Outlook. Also, we will provide manual techniques for conversion.

Before moving further, we will understand why users need to convert EDB to PST.

Reasons to Convert EDB Files to PST

There are numerous reasons for EDB to PST conversion. Here we have mentioned some of the most common reasons for the conversion.

  • Backup Requirements.

  • Portability Needs.

  • For legal and compliance requirements.

  • To keep the previous record.

These are some of the reasons for which users want to export EDB to PST file format. Now we will move further and see the manual process for conversion and then we will discuss the use and advantages of the automated EDB to PST converter online utility.

Manual Method to Convert EDB to PST Using Exchange Admin Centre

You can use the Exchange Admin Center for the conversion of EDB to PST file format. However, I would suggest you create a copy of the original file as there can be a risk of human error which can lead to data loss.

  1. Open the Exchange Admin center.
  2. Go to recipients and then Mailboxes.
  3. Choose the mailbox data that you want to export, right-click on it, and select the export to PST option.
  4. You can click on the browse button to add or change the mailbox data.
  5. Now, click on the Next button.
  6. You can now add any mailbox you want, to receive the notification for the export process. 
  7. After adding the mailbox successfully, click on the finish button.
  8. Once the export process is completed, the mailbox will automatically move to the shared folder.


  • Exports data only up to 2GB.

  • More time-consuming process.

  • Only supports earlier Exchange versions.

  • Risk of data loss.

  • Good technical knowledge is required.

  • Not able to convert corrupt EDB files.

    These are some of the limitations of using the manual process. Now We will discuss the automated third-party solution for easy and hassle-free conversion.

Automated EML to PST Converter Tool by Data Recovery Solutions

If you want a quick and secure conversion of Exchange EDB mailbox data to Outlook PST file format, then you need an advanced EDB to PST converter tool. The automated third-party software overcomes all the limitations that users face with the manual solution of conversion. I would suggest using the advanced EDB converter tool by Data Recovery Solutions (DRS). The tool is capable to convert EDB files to PST, EML, MBOX, HTML, etc. Also, it offers several amazing features for easy conversion.

Key Features of the Utility

  • Easily exports EDB files to PST, MBOX, EML, PDF, etc.

  • Batch conversion is possible.

  • No file size limitation.

  • Exchange EDB recovery tool easily recovers the deleted EDB files.

  • Provides auto-detect and date range filter features.

  • Provides three recovery modes i.e, Standard mode, Advanced mode, and Deep mode.

  • Supports all MS Exchange and Windows versions.

  • The demo version of the tool is also available.

Wrapping Up  

In this article, we have discussed the most recommended automated EDB to PST converter tool in the market. We have also provided a manual solution for the users and also some of the limitations of using these manual steps. So, it is suggested to use the reliable EDB converter tool for effortless conversion.