Imagine riding your dream motorcycle in the middle of the evening, where the roads are quiet and you're the only one enjoying the night's freedom, sounds amazing, right? Owning a stylish motorcycle is the vision of many a-man (and girls, we can never forget women) but with that gear is also important i.e. jeans, jackets, Kevlar motorcycle hoodies, etc. An idea that sometimes becomes a fact, after all, it is a bit more realistic than buying a supercar or hiring a full-time butler.

Driving a car is less risky than riding a two-wheeler, but driving two-wheelers is a totally different practice ... There's more to it than just shipping.

So, you got a motorcycle, is the size of the engine rising the risk of injury? To some extent, yes, but that's just down to the pace you're moving at. You're so exposed to altitude, the risks are the same so frankly.

The rider has a 45 percent chance of falling on his or her face in an accident, so make sure to choose the best available when purchasing a helmet. Most helmets aren't even completely protected, make sure that your helmet still covers the face, nobody wants to lose a lip. 

Helmets usually have a lifespan of 5 years, and then the material gets weakened which makes it dangerous.

There's always been a tendency to wear old helmets and while you could get away with wearing them a few years beyond their expiration date. You’re just asking for trouble if you're riding in your father's old skull cap. 

A wide helmet is an absolute must; there are so many "never" accidents in which the victim died of head injury.

Motorcycle Hoodies:

Another vital item in your arsenal for defense. A decent, high-quality armored motorcycle hoodies should cover all of your upper body skin (except of course your hands and head). 

Your Reinforced motorcycle hoodie is much better than nothing but you want one made and tested specifically, one with high-tech abrasion-resistant fibres.

The best thing about an armored motorcycle hoodie with good quality is the texture and fabric that is used to manufacture it.

The good thing about real best Kevlar motorcycle hoodies is that they don't get as hot as most armored motorcycle hoodies, and on and off the road they look a lot more fashionable too.

There are countless styles and qualities available for motorcycle jackets, but which motorcycle jacket is the best for you and your needs?

Armored motorcycle hoodie

Motorcycle Jeans:

We have the upper body now protected so let's dive into the lower portion. For the prevention of skin and flesh loss from the legs, protective pants and protective motorcycle jeans really matter. Standard pants and jeans aren’t fit, so you need something that's made particularly for the motorcycle rider.

Motorcycle Gloves:

And lastly, we're getting to your mitts. A hand is frequently the first thing to touch the ground in an accident; more often than not, the meaty part of the palm.

Don't compromise on quality here; a few extra bucks for high-end best bike riding gloves might be the best investment you've ever made! For extra protection, you'd like super-high abrasion-resistant fabrics like lightweight leather, and even additional dense plastic armor pads.