The rhinoplasty non surgical or " rinofiller " is a technique of Aesthetic Medicine which is based on the insertion of subcutaneous filler to correct some flaws or defects of the nose.

Through a series of micro-injections, generally painless and completely outpatient, the filler is injected and shapes the interested parts.

Types of corrections

This treatment does not have a universal use for all types of nasal blemishes, but is aimed above all at three types of correction :

  1. Eliminate the so-called nasal "hump"
  2. Get a tip lift
  3. Correct the "saddle nose", ie that it has depressions or voids to be filled in the profile of the back

In the hand of an expert operator there may also be other possible corrections but it must be remembered that this technique cannot be adopted for all aesthetic defects of the nose (for example for a too large nose tip) and it will be the doctor who with his skills and experience to evaluate if the required results can be achieved with the rinofiller or if another type of treatment is necessary.

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Effects and Risks

Absorbable materials are compulsorily used in the rinofiller and the effects of the treatment last from 12 to 18 months depending on the product used and the metabolic characteristics of the patient, therefore to maintain the results it would be advisable to undergo treatment once a year .

Having already described the fillers commonly used in aesthetic medicine I will not elaborate on this topic but I would like to specify that for the Rinofiller slower resorption ones are preferable such as highly cross linked hyaluronic acid or hydroxyapatite .

Being a micro-invasive treatment , the rinofiller treatment is carried out in the clinic and does not require the use of any anesthesia. It is a quick 20-30 minutes procedure and absolutely well tolerated by all patients, so much so that cases where anesthetic or ice cream must be applied to the area to be treated are very rare.

The rare side effects are those common with other lip fillers in Belfast treatments in aesthetic medicine, that is, there may be a presence of slight swelling and tenderness near the infiltration site which spontaneously regresses after a few hours ; more rarely more small bruises appear, which reabsorbs within a few days

The effect of the treatment is immediately noticeable and, as previously explained, it has a duration that varies between 12 and 18 months, but is repeatable as many times as desired without contraindications.

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No convalescence is required and the patient can immediately return to his everyday life, the only warnings that he is advised to respect is to avoid the use of glasses on the treated areas, exposure to the sun and UVA lamps , saunas and showers too hot in the 24-48 hours after the treatment.

The expert's words

In conclusion, the rinofiller is a technique that, although not applicable to all the imperfections of the nose, allows to solve in a simple , quick and safe way some of the defects that most often occur in the mirror but it must always be remembered that in order not to risk complications o unsatisfactory results it is always necessary to consult a professional expert in aesthetic medicine and in particular of these techniques.

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