Hello-hi guys!I am Rich Kiddey,21y old.Currently working as CEO manager of digital gaming company. We started in 2018 and now we are one of the biggest companies in our niche.Our main service - opportunity to jump in digital gaming, you can do it here -
My favourite things are European football,UK edm scene,game and website development. Also I am a big fan of travelling and hiking!
Recently I have finished my 3rd academic year in Maritime School, but that is not the only profession I got in my life, also I am good about architecture. By the way, after a while you will see my first attempt of game development, I`m making a Card Game dedicated to battle-rap.
I want to become a streamer, but I need to choose a good platform to work with, my lovely genres - MMO and MOBA, sometimes playing football simulators.
My favourite actor - Al Pacino, and all his movies are the best ones for me.
Good luck and thanks for the opportunity to be the part of that big community!