CompuServe is an IT sharing service that started in 1969. Since its inception, CompuServe has offered its customers new features to change the world and make it easier for its users and employees. CompuServe webmail is the world's first e-mail service. With the advent of e-mail, the old fax service became less known and less used by people.

In 1980, with the introduction of a real-time chat system, CompuServe became even more popular. People loved such a system as they had never heard of it, using this service they could chat in real-time with their loved ones around the world. Webmail cs com also revolutionized the images and pictures by the introduction of moving images known as GIF. CompuServe also introduced message forums that covered a large variety of topics.

Despite its popularity with the people, CompuServe was not able to cope up with the demand of people for some other new features and thus left behind in the race of new and more user-friendly interface and advanced functionality introduced by newer email clients, because of which most of its users switch to newer facilities and hence  CompuServe webmailsuffered losses and was therefore sold to AOL in 1998. Then people started thinking about the CompuServe or email service that it was turned off, but it isn't. It is still functional and available to its users and people can still log in to their cs com webmail by using the AOL email login page. However, you cannot make a new CompuServe email address with the extension, as this extension is debarred from further use after it was sold to AOL.

One can log in to his/her CS email account by visiting, click on the option of “CompuServe Mail” on the top left corner. It will take you to the AOL email login page, where you can enter your CS email credentials and sign in to your account.

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