Pilates and Power Yoga are valuable for strengthening the body and increasing the flexibility of the joints, but if you’re not practicing yoga regularly, you’re missing out on an other amazing way to relax your mind and body—by meditating and practicing yoga. Yoga is a lifestyle. It’s something you enjoy doing that’s going to keep you healthy and beautiful, and it can help you turn yoga into a habit.

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If you’re new to yoga, or you need a little boost of motivation to try some new poses or exercises, here are some little tips to help you become a yoga habit.

1. Make it a Daily Practice

Remember to make yoga a daily practice, not a once-a-week thing. This way, you’ll start to re-calibrate your brain and body to know what is to come, and know when it’s time to ease into the next pose.

2. Don’t Feel Guilty

A lot of people think about and compare themselves to people who are practicing yoga. There is nothing wrong with this. Yoga is a practice for the mind, body, and soul. Do what you want. Let go of what others think you should do, or do what feels comfortable. Get lost in the self.

3. Learn the Rhythm

If you’re going to practice yoga regularly, you need to learn what the rhythm is in your body. You’re not going to remember every single bend and stretch on your body; to do it right, you need to know it. Meditation and yoga can help you become disciplined, so get to know the rhythm, go through those struggles in a calmer way, and strengthen the body along the way.

4. Do a Wrap-Up

Take a deep breath and wrap your arms around your knees. Do it for five breaths, and then bring your arms back to the yoga mat. Then do it for five more breaths. Through this little practice, you’ll have developed the knowledge of breath, focus, and rhythm in your body.

5. Take a Short Breather

One of the basic principles in yoga is the idea of “divine breath,” which means opening and closing your lungs. Take a short, deep breath, and let your mind move around. When you are not doing yoga or meditation, do this type of breathing through your nose, and try to focus and relax your mind in the same way.

6. Practice Deep Breathing

Begin by making a regular, deep inhalation while reading your book or in front of the mirror. Do this for a few minutes, and then return to the yoga mat. Repeat this each time you go on an ultra deep inhale while reading a book or take a short breath while completing tasks at home or work.

These little yoga tips are meant to help you get a little more calm in your life. So whether you want to get a little more calm in your life or you are already calm, you will benefit from yoga every day!