People are forced to work from home. Some are enjoying it while many are facing problems with this. Due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, there is no choice other than social distancing. Keep your mouth in watch and the mask should be on it in a proper way. Recently, few days ago, Covid had its birthday. The day when the very first case was reported in the Chinese busiest city Wuhan. In beginning, people were taking it easy and joke but with the passage of time, now everyone realizes that it’s not an easy thing. It should cope up with serious matters. Now, people are working from home and in this remote working, a number of things disturb them on daily basis. as this pandemic is disturbing normal lives and even people are dying from this disease, suicidal attempts are also increasing day by day. Continuously living at one place and no other human being is in contact with an anchor is rather very difficult stress to manage. Click here for msnbc, if you need it.

This stress has taken away a number of lives. Now, after a year of pandemic, people are worrying more about their mental health than their physical health. Now, people are watching constantly vaccine-making companies. People are staring at the other end of the tunnel. According to reports, if this vaccine that is underway is 95% effected as it is expected, even then world dealings will be normalized completely in 2023. 

Hence, different recommended movies and tv shows should watch during working activities just to avoid overthinking. Some movies have very strong positive messages. Avoid negative agenda-based movies otherwise, your positive energy will be lost. 

Focus on optimistic shows, some of them are as follows:

  • Brooklyn nine nine :

It is a popular TV show, based on cops. This show is full of optimistic behaviors. Even not a single character in this TV show is pessimistic. Negative characters are there as story based on them but negative characters are also not hopeless. A very single character is full of positive energy. This same energy is transferred to their viewers. 

  • The good place:

In this movie, a girl hit by a car. After hitting, got admitted into a hospital and started new life figuring out what is left behind. She was very good in his dealings. Eleanor Shellstrop finds herself in the Good Place- a place where anchor finds peace and all people are those which were very good in behavior and dealings throughout their lives. 

  • Sex and the city:

As name shows this show is depicting sex but its main essence is friendship. Three friends figure out their lives’ hardships and start enjoying their lives with full zeal and zest. All three never turned their back to each other. Always supportive and helpful. Whole city is included in their admirer. This show is a joyous show between the hectic routine of life.

  • The office:

This show revolves around fictional colleagues. People working in a paper company. do hilarious things that are end level funny. Watch and learn true essence of colleagues. 

  • Prison break:

This show clearly shows us light at the end of tunnel. Michael Scofield with all odds plunge himself into a prison just to save his brother. Yes, for his brother. His brother is innocent and then both boys try their best to challenge the whole system. This shows an endless love between two brothers. This show is a mixture of lessons and understandings. A very well explained thing is the working of a system in contrast to common people. people are working day and night but upper class is getting rich and have authority without doing anything at all. So, this is the best lockdown show.

  • Gossip girl:

The most popular and well-known show among teens is gossip girl. This show revolves around an upper-class girl. What she is doing in her life, how is she enjoying etc. all minor details are added. So optimistic and learning.


All the above shows are direction-oriented. These shows and movies can save anyone from being attacked by depression. If depression leads to deaths then these shows are the best therapies that anyone can get without paying a single penny.