Are you a travelling person? Great, this post would help you to plan your travel on a low budget. This post specifically has insight about visiting Manila, the capital city of the Philippines. 

A beautiful city with lots of famous tourist spot is a common place in the bucket list of a travel-loving person. 

Mainly, the budget for traveling any foreign or local city revolves around three main things, transportation, accommodation, and exploration

If we have enough budget and can hire a travel planner, then no worry about anything. All you need to do is to spend a significant amount. Everything gets done by the travel planner agency.

If you desperately want to look for some ways and tricks which can help you plan your travel at an affordable price, this post is for you. So, let us get started.

Plan Your Flight In Offer:

Different flight booking sites announce offers occasionally. If you have decided to visit the place, then book your ticket during the offer to get a significant discount.

Performing flight booking in advance is always beneficial, and if you book your ticket a week or some days before, it would cost you too much.

Manila is the capital, so the flight facility has been available for a different route. You can choose the best route and get the thing in place.


This is a common concern for the visitors. Everyone needs a secure and affordable rental place. We become even more conscious when we are not aware of the place.

So, vacation rental in Manila needs to be searched properly though the web, as this is the best option. Manila is a safe city with lots of rental condos available. You can talk to some reliable hotel providers and collect all the information.

Check the review of the past customers and get some idea about the services. Not only in local places but vacation rental in Manila also available in the main city and nearby the tourist spot.

Make a list of affordable vacation rental in Manila and get your booking done in advance, so there won’t be an issue.

Tourist Spot:  

Usually, you can have a one-month travelling visa for the Philippines. If you plan to visit the place for many days, you can select the main places to visit and take a tour of the city.

If your traveling plan is limited to one week or two, make a list of the famous spots and see the most convenient and affordable traveling mode like bus, taxi, etc.

Planning everything will save you time and money. You would take a tour freely and enjoy your Manila vacation.

Let us have a look on the list of some spots; one must visit in Manila:

  • Rizal Park
  • Fort Santiago
  • Manila ocean park
  • San Agustin church
  • Nation museum complex
  • Malacañang place
  • Manila zoo
  • Manila cathedral
  • Arroceros forest park
  • Star city amusement park

I have listed down the name as per their popularity; you can make your list as per your interest.


When you cut down the major cost, the entire tripe seems affordable. You feel light and excited about visiting and buying souvenirs for your friends and family.

When you plan everything on your own, that is too low-budget your sense of happiness and pride. Also, it gives you the confidence to travel any part of the word without feeling much tense about the budge, as you know, ultimately, they are some tricks which can help you to plan a trip in shoestring price.