If you’re facing problem with your AT&T.Net Yahoo email Login account while you enter your login credentials on the ATT email login page then, let me tell you that such login problem can be occurred due to various possible reasons like your improper email server settings, server-down issue, and faulty Firewall settings, etc.

So, to troubleshoot the issue which you’re facing while login to your AT&T.Net Yahoo email account, you need to perform the following given solutions:

Solution 1: Check Is AT&T Mail Down by visiting the website like ‘’ There, if you find out that the server is down for everybody then, wait until the website itself resolves the server issue and if the server is not down then, move on to the next solution.

Solution 2: As improper server settings also lead to such problems, so to avoid them, check your server setting and correct them if required:

  • Incoming Mail Server:

    • Name of Server:

    • Type of Server: IMAP

    • Security Type: TLS/SSL

    • Port Number: 993

  • Outgoing Mail Server:

    • Name of Server:

    • Type of Server: SMTP

    • Security Type: SSL/TLS

    • Port Number: 465

Solution 3: Sometimes faulty Firewall settings also interrupt or block your email server, so it is suggested that you disable your Windows Firewall to avoid any issue because of it. So, in order to disable your Windows Firewall, navigate from the ‘Windows Control panel’ to ‘Windows Firewall’ option and there, simply click on its ‘Turn off’ option.

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