Veritext San Diego is a technology-driven legal document imaging company that helps businesses protect their legal documents. Veritext specializes in high-volume document imaging for attorneys, law offices, corporate legal departments, law firms, public document authentication companies, and more. Their systems enable rapid processing of voluminous data, high-value digital video imaging, advanced image retrieval, high-speed online document storage and retrieval, as well as instant retrieval of documents for in-person or court-ordered proceedings. Veritext San Diego also offers low-cost, high-value document storage and retrieval using electronic storage media. Veritext San Diego's mission is to make your legal process as easy and effective as possible.

The Veritext system by Aiken & Welch enables you to gain access to high-end technology and high-quality services. This includes the best in digital court reporting, sound, video, videoconferencing/surround-sound audio, videography, document scanning, and paperless deposition services. With a fully automated system, Veritext San Diego helps you reduce labor costs, expenditures, and the hassle of errors and duplication. You save time with a data security and archiving system that comply with the HIPAA Privacy Rule.

With Veritext, you get higher-quality, faster turnaround times on all of your document imaging requests. The Veritext system provides you with professional court reporters with access to the latest technologies. Your reporters can instantly e-mail any images to you, or you can e-mail them to any of their colleagues at the company. Your lawyers will enjoy faster processing of motions, briefs, and responses. Remote depositions have never been easier or more secure.

When outsourcing your depositions, Veritext San Diego offers you fast retrieval of data. Retrieving data from remote locations using conventional methods takes time and may involve additional fees. With Veritext, you can instantly e-mail a report, image, or recording. Your reports can be returned in a few seconds without delay. A typical case might require a witness called over to appear at a San Diego office, but with the advanced technology available in Veritext San Diego offices, it is possible for a witness called over from another location to attend the deposition in one office.

Your legal team can appreciate the many features offered in Veritext technology. This information technology solution provides data security and archiving along with fast retrieval of any kind of document or audio or video data. For the corporate clientele, this translates into cost savings and a higher level of productivity.

Veritext San Diego has a reputation for being an excellent provider of legal services. Its unmatched quality in transcribing various types of interviews, depositions and proceedings can easily meet the needs of any attorney. Transcribing can include video depositions and voice interviews. The service also includes transcribing witness interviews. If there is a witness interview that will be used in a trial or inquiry, Veritext can readily provide the necessary witness interviews as well.

Veritext offers several solutions for transcribing depositions and other important process information. They offer the patented Transcription Workstation, which is a highly functional and efficient desktop computer system that allows you to upload, download and edit text. This type of software is simple to use and the training provided is comprehensive. The Transcription Workstation scans documents and photographs. It saves space on your computer by reducing the amount of disk space occupied by excess folders and files.

Veritext is a leader in the legal transcription industry. Their customer satisfaction and commitment to customer service leave nothing to be desired. They have a good reputation for providing fast turnaround times and an extensive variety of software to choose from. For those who want to streamline their business process, consider Veritext San Diego.