SysOZ EDB to PST Converter is a prominent mailbox data recovery software and SysOZ software always keeps on updating the versions of it’s EDB to PST converter. It is a professional tool that can convert MS Exchange files to Outlook Data files. 

This converter is full of different and new features like: New advanced scanning engine to extract mailboxes very fastly and can do the offline conversion and also support the 64 bit MS Office. 

SysOZ EDB to PST Converter is an excellent converter for the computer as there are instances where you need to migrate the account of a particular or multiple employees from one EDB to another or you need to extract a particular mail, folder or mail time from the entire EDB files. Then you need an EDB converter, SysOZ EDB converter can efficiently extract and convert mailboxes from EDB to PST files very easily.

SysOZ EDB to PST Converter is user friendly and easy to use software that offers flexibility to convert 

EDB files into PST, MSG and EML files. Additionally SysOZ EDB to PST converter can efficiently extract mailboxes in online as well as offline mood. This software is compatible with exchange server 2012 and current version and comes with a try before buy version that will show how this converter will work.

Another bundle offer that privileges clients end to save ample amounts of expenditure is the one which includes exchange recovery along with exchange export and exchange import so that it is for the users. 

The software operability serves a lot of more than users can expect in fact the one-click EDB repair and conversion process featured by the tool is most appreciated amongst all other facilities of the tool. The Exchange Recovery program offers a smooth and organizational level of conversion to users which is not only easy to operate but is also accurate and up to the level. Meanwhile, the user group which has mostly approached the application to extract Exchange mailbox is from the organizational end only as compared to the users who utilize the tool for personal purposes.

Converts Exchange server public folders to PSTs. Directly exports to Office 365, exports emails based on user-defined email address & date range. Provides activity log to monitor EDB to PST conversion process. Converts multiple EDBs.

While migrating to a new Exchange Server version, a user might need to reduce the amount of Public Folders. So, it is necessary to export public folders to PST format and move them to local machines, and then you can safely delete the unwanted Public Folders. However, the New-MailboxExportRequest command does not support Public Folders. The most popular workaround is to export the Public Folders by using SysOZ Converter for EDB.

The software is very reliable and effective, and therefore highly recommended by MVPS and Exchange experts.  Microsoft provides in-built utilities Exmerge & NewMailboxExportRequest to export Exchange mailboxes to PSTs from various exchange versions such as 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2000 and 5.5. 

Users of SysOZ EDB to PST Converter can search for specific emails based on different criteria such as ‘To’, ‘From’, ‘Cc’, ‘Subject’, ‘Body’, ‘Attachment Name’, ‘Importance’, and ‘Item Type’ etc. To further streamline the search, preferences like ‘Any Criteria’, ‘Exact Match’, and ‘Both’ can also be used. Click on Search or Find Message icon to view the specific search results of the scanned EDB file.

You can trust this converter for doing the recovery and conversion of the EDB files, you can also see the ratings of the converter at any rating platforms.

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