We like it when people care for us. We like it way more than we'll admit. It feels good and gives you a feeling that you matter, even if the feeling is short lived. It feels like there is someone out there who might feel something if you're not alright or be affected by it to the slightest. Who would actually spare some of their time to think about your well-being.
And yes, people do care sometimes but at all the wrong places. Their feeling of care feels like an obligation. It's like they're out of their element. And I do not like it. Forced feelings are as good as absent feelings. Caring is sort of attached with a tinge of insensitivity. It doesn't really go together if we go by the books, but in reality it does.  
I didn't even realise how much being cared for matters. How important is it. And how much every human being craves it. And it sucks when you don't get it or when someone is doing it out of compulsion. I believe being cared for is more valuable than being loved. Because, you can love someone and not care for them. Care for the little things that mean to them, care for their feelings and emotions and care for what matters to them, things that do not meet the eye as first glance but takes time to be found.
It's so strange and sad at the same time that you might care for someone and be apathetic. These emotions are not supposed to go side by side but they do. And it breaks my heart how so many of us are devoid of the beautiful feeling of being cared for..