The early men lived a nomadic life. But even the first early men used to have temporary settlements according to the availability of resources. No matter where we go, whatever experiences we face, home is where the heart is. As humans, we have an inherent need for secureness attached in the form of immovable properties like house and property. 

Real-estate business aids us to build a base for our secureness and will always be a top-notch business. Real-estate businesses have always summoned high turnover. 

Real-estate businesses have the demand for creating an online presence since almost all companies have created one.

Advantages of developing a Trulia clone app for real estate business :

1)Marketing the property to a large number of customers from a single platform with ease.

2)The customers can access the proprietor and the agents right from home. It avoids the pressure of traveling back and forth in buying a property.

3) Advantage of searching for properties in a particular location using the GPS feature.

4)The Trulia clone app has visibility of cost, area of the ground, and other information for the customers. It is beneficial for the agents as they can avoid the monotony of explaining the property to every customer

 5)Customers can take a 3D look at the nook and corner of the property from the comfort of being at home and also offer a surreal experience.

Key features of a Trulia clone app :

1)The buyers and sellers can log in using their verified number or e-mail ID and create a profile. 

2) The proprietor can upload the pictures and other information about the property they want to sell.

3)The buyers can search for the property they wish to buy. After taking a look at the pictures and other information, the buyers can move forward in contacting the agent and the seller if they like the property

4)The portal also allows the buyers to apply for loans and the sellers to mortgage their property.

5)The users can also save details of properties they are interested in the app. They can get back to the repository later when they need it.

There are a lot of firms which offer Trulia clone app development. Care must be taken in choosing a firm that provides the best clone app script, which is highly customizable and white-labeled. Buying and selling a property will not be a strenuous process anymore with the use of a Trulia clone app for your business. 

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