After the leaves have fallen, and the wind starts nipping your nose, it’s time to start thinking about your winter wardrobe. Winter means many different things in different parts of the country. For some, it’s sub-zero temperatures and feet of snow. For others, it’s inconvenient wind and rain. Either way, you need to dress for the environment. Here are some essential pieces of clothing to keep you going until spring.




Let’s start with the most heavy-duty item to keep you warm in the most extreme environments: coveralls. Whether we’re talking about kids snow suits to play in the snow, or rugged, leather-lined pieces to help adults plow or work in freezing conditions, they’re a must-have in places with heavy wind and snow. Look for a snug but moveable fit, with warm lining and easy access. It’s a matter of personal preference if you prefer snaps or zippers but think about what it will take to get a child suited up if you’re responsible for a little one in cold weather.


Fashionable Coats


It’s obvious that you need a warm coat in cold weather. That doesn’t mean that you must dress in heavy, bulky gear to keep your body temperature up. Warming technology has come a long way in a short time. That means a thinner coat may pack plenty of heat. That also means you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort.

Look, if you’re competing in a dog-sled race, or loading trucks in the Arctic, fashion shouldn’t be your primary concern. But if you are simply trying to stay warm in the short distance between your parking space and your building entrance, you might as well dress to impress while you keep your body temperature reasonable. Peacoats never go out of style for men or women, and they seal in heat effectively. A nice wool overcoat or insulated vest can do the job as well.


Scarves for Everyone


Speaking of warm fashions that work for men and women alike, there’s never been a better time to accessorize with a scarf! While scarves have always been practical must-have to keep necks and faces cozy, in recent years, big, long, bulky scarves have come back into style both inside and out! Check out a trendy infinity scarf or learn different ways to tie cool-looking scarf knots.


Touchscreen-Ready Gloves


Of course, gloves are essential cold-fighting tools, protecting your hands and fingers from frost-bite and dryness. But one of the most impressive innovations to come in the centuries-old history of gloves is touchscreen compatibility. When smartphone makers like Blackberry, Samsung, and Apple first introduced touchscreens to the marketplace, it’s fair to say that they revolutionized communication. However, these remarkable gadgets had a major drawback in cold weather. Users couldn’t make them work without taking off their gloves. Granted, that seems like a minor inconvenience, and for the most part it is. Having said that, people who work outdoors, especially those who use smartphones or tablets to do their jobs, are more than inconvenienced by this.


The advent of touchscreen-ready gloves, with sensitive tips that devices recognize just like fingers, makes it possible to use smartphones in cold environments, whether you’re shoveling your driveway or managing inventory on a loading dock.


Resilient Footwear


Let’s end at the bottom. It’s nearly impossible to avoid snow plies, ice patches, or puddles of cold water in the winter-time. So, as you step into these things, the last thing you want are thin shoes that let the coldness seep into your socks and feet. You need boots with thick soles and waterproof uppers to protect your lower extremities from low temperatures. Just like coats, warm socks no longer need to be incredibly thick if they’re made of modern thermal materials. If you ignore this, you run the risk of spending your whole day trying to warm up your feet!


Winter weather can be brutal, and you must dress accordingly. Use these guidelines to stay warm and fashionable when conditions get frigid.