Avanafil (Stendra) is an associate degree oral drug and a PDE5 matter. you need to take it close to fifteen mines sooner than having sex. Don’t take it further than as presently as per day.

You shouldn’t use any PDE5 inhibitors if you’re to boot taking nitrates to manage coronary heart illness. samples of nitrates embrace medication mononitrate (Monoket) and vasodilative (Nitrostat). Taking nitrates with Avanafil will motive severely low force per unit area and even end.

The extra common aspect consequences of this drug encompass:

• headache

• flushing, or the reddening and warming of your face

• stuffy or fluid nose

• back pain

• sore throat


Sildenafil (Viagra) is additionally a PDE5 matter. sildenafil is that the least accessible as an associate degree oral pill. You got to take it solely as presently as in line with day, regarding half-hour to associate degree hour before sex. A lot of common facet effects of this drug include:

• headache

• flushing

• stuffy or fluid nose

• back pain

• upset abdomen

• muscle aches

• vision changes, like indistinct vision and changes in however bound colors look

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Tadalafil (Cialis) is an associate degree oral drug that will increase blood flow for the duration of your frame. You’re taking this PDE5 matter regarding half-hour sooner than intercourse, no bigger than as presently as in line with day. It may paintings for a maximum amount of 36 hours.

A lot of common facet effects of this drug include:

• headache

• flushing

• stuffy or fluid nose

• back pain

• upset abdomen

• pain within the limbs


Testosterone is that the main internal secretion within the material body. It plays several roles in overall health.

Testosterone levels naturally drop with age. this modification will result in male erectile dysfunction and different problems, such as:

• fatigue

• low drive

• reduced spermatozoon count

• weight gain

Doctors from time to time inflict androgenic hormones to manage male erectile dysfunction. In reality, PDE5 inhibitors square measure handiest once used besides androgenic hormone medical care in guys with an androgenic hormone deficiency. However, the drug will embrace dangers.

Testosterone will boom your threat of heart failure or stroke. because of these dangers, the meals and Drug management (FDA)relied on provide says that best guys who've low androgenic hormone because of bound health issues ought to use the androgenic hormone.

Your doctor can watch you rigorously in the event that they supply you with androgenic hormone. They’ll check the amount of androgenic hormone to your frame sooner than and through your remedy with this drug. if your androgenic hormone stages square measure too high.

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