If every time I hear of sitting in a cafe or restaurant I have a dollar - well, my bank account might have more than I 100.

We once sat down with an employer to tell us that social media was not worth it, and when we checked its accounts, the uploaded photos were not good, the posting was not contradictory, and therefore We don't go to the headlines. After a few months, the work was finished.

I also had the honor of sitting in the restaurant where my agency deals on social media, and there I saw with my own eyes that people were walking to the counter to dial phones and phones. And pointed to the image we posted by opening Instagram. And said: "That's what I want."

You might have heard of fake tweets and the reason why tweets are going viral.

What's the difference between people and my client in the first scenario?

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I know more
For the most part, it's easy. There are some key flaws that entrepreneurs and companies make repeatedly in social media marketing that limit their ability to grow an active audience.

Here are some common errors I see:

1. Don't know their audience
This is very important, because not knowing this part means that you are trying to talk to everyone, which means that you are really screaming at the wrong and I hope someone listens.

If you can't contact people, you won't depend on your ability to sell anything. Understanding who your target audience is - understanding what they want, what they need, where it fits, etc. Improving your social media marketing performance is essential.

2. It is not permanent
In this new world of social media algorithms - and the truth is, consistency is the key to audience growth at all times.

But just for clarity, that doesn't mean you need to post every day. Being consistent means coming up with a schedule that's right for you. And most importantly, stick to it. Even if you don't feel like you're getting results right away, posting regularly gives your audience a reason to return to their profiles, and when someone searches for you Or even appear in your business to help you find relevant new content.

The key to growing your social presence is to get strong messages and content that your audience needs to see.

Posting regularly, keeping your audience informed, and over time, will give you more confidence and credibility.

They. They are just trying to make the following
I will say this again and again - collector's days like baseball cards are over.

Without having to deliberately, and thinking about building an audience suitable for your business, you'll have only one room full of bodies. The numbers may sound good and you may like them, but unless these people are likely to become paid clients, they are not helping you in the matter.

Building numbers also destroy your data - which is a huge benefit for social media marketing. If you have 1000 page followers, but 900 of them will not, in fact, cost you money, then that means all your reviews and audience insights are worthless. Finding a clear understanding of what your audience needs is extremely difficult.

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Yes, it takes a lot of time to build and build brand awareness, but following the people in your message is more valuable than ever in trying to impress someone who appears in your profile. Trying to chase.

The audience may be a fake, which most consumers are now aware of. This is very important in the content and quality of your work and will provide better results in the long run.

The key to differentiation
Here's the thing: the difference between people who say that social media doesn't work and those who earn consumers, who sell and grow their audience consistently with the highest quality of their social media profiles Are. They have a successful operation.

They discover what their fans want to see, they provide it on a regular basis, and they constantly monitor and change it.

It may seem like a ton, but it doesn't.

In fact, if you only spend more than an hour a day on social media, you're likely to spend time with "busy work" ... and it's not good for anyone. Divide the basic tasks you need to complete each day, set a schedule, and create a data-driven plan for your audience. Then accordingly, supply.

The main difference for those who see social media...