Many times when we look back in our childhood we see how stories have framed the way we look at the world today. To an extent where we even find ourselves resonating with our favourite characters from our favourite stories. We all have had childhood where we would listen to bedtime stories that our mother would tell us. We would listen to stories of monkeys and the hat keeper, mythological stories that depicted characters like Dhruv, Hanuman, Ganesh and Krishna. We would often-times find ourselves browsing through our physical library during library sessions and would read fictional books like Harry Potter, the famous five, the secret seven, Goosebumps, Winnie the pooh etc. These are just a few names from the long lasting list of fictional stories that were an inevitable part of our childhood. 

What is fiction writing? Fiction writing is all about developing stories that do not exist in reality. It is about expressing emotions, which, perhaps we would not express in reality. It is about showcasing your mindset, your values, your opinions in the form of words and weave them all into a perfect story which apparently does not exist in reality. Fiction writing is all about curating beautiful characters and crafting a world that is perhaps the perfect world. 

But then why write fiction? Fiction writing allows you to express your sense of humour, your opinions without any external validation. It helps your reader to discover what you hold dear to yourself. It's not anything extravagant. Follow the steps below and try building your own story. 

● Be curious: But a story becomes successful only if the storyteller is curious. Yes. One of the pillars of successful fictional stories is the amount of curiosity that is developed in the reader. If a story doesn't encourage curiosity, the reader would not take enough time to put the book down. And hence, the author needs to be curious enough to promote the curiosity inside the reader. 

● Become observant: Being observant is another pillar of writing a successful story. Observing every activity that goes around you. Even if it's non- glamorous everyday task like brushing teeth, it still needs your observation. Observing what is happening in the world, and then trying to deciphering it, trying to see the hidden meaning behind it. This will lead you to write a story which has ordinary touch with extraordinary feeling. 

● Become a reader: A writer also needs to be a reader first, read as much as you can. Reading about politics, business, sports, Royal families, science, history etc. Reading 

about everything, reading all the genres regardless of your personal choices. The habit of reading will make the finest writer as it will open many doors of imagination for you. 

● Write consistently: Well, however reading is important, writing is as much important. Pen down your thoughts, even if they are vague. Write about an experience, write about your encounters, write about ideas, write everyday and write everything. Don't thrive to be perfect. You don't want to end your career. But write, because the thoughts that are penned down will help you to have a tangible resource of your thinking. And you don't know when your writing would surprise you while weaving a beautiful story. So Write it down. As Elizabeth Gilbert said In Big Magic, Creative ideas will come to you, if you write it down and put it in action, it will be yours but if you didn't write down, the idea will travel to another person and you might just loose on an opportunity. 

● Observe the humans around you: Reading people will also help you to discover many emotions of human race. Humans are the simplest yet complex creatures on earth. Anything that would take 5 minutes, humans have a tendency to extend it for an hour. Observing their expressions, their body language, their way of speaking, will open many avenues for you as a writer. It will help you to build a character. The more deeply you observe people the better and strong your characters would be. 

● Be confident: Above all, one needs to be confident. Everybody has their personal writing style, so never judge your writings on the basis of other writers. Have your opinions and values and stick to it. Be confident in what you are expressing and know that you are being the reason why someone would imagine a perfect world. So write with the perspective of a reader. 

All that I shared in this article is possible only if you are determined to become a successful writer or perhaps a storyteller. So explore your being and you can also subscribe to an online course in creative writing which would broaden your perspective and help you achieve your writing goals. One such online course that you might want to checkout is available at StoryMirror Academy. If you are interested, click here. This course will help you as follow- 

● It will help you in building complex, realistic characters. 

● Help you in setting up intricate plots. 

● Immaculately setting up the storyline. 

● Help you in writing a story that has its own world and that which is grappling. See you on the other side of story writing. Until then keep writing.