Taj Mahal tour by helicopter begins by picking you up at 8:00 am from your hotel/airport/railway station anywhere in Delhi/NCR/Gurgaon. You will be taken to the nearest helipad in Delhi from where the helicopter ride will begin at 9:00 am approximate. It is a 40 minutes ride worth cherishing and full of adventure. During the helicopter ride with Agra tour by helicopter, you will experience the breathtaking aerial views of the glorious Taj Mahal. A flowing river nearby, a white ivory structure standing erect and the vast garden spread covering the entire front lawn of the Taj will take you in complete awe. Not only the Taj but you will also be able to view the majestic Agra Fort-another masterpiece of the Mughal Era. The reflection of the dome in the running water nearby, the greenery surrounding the monument, the red pathway and the blue sky above will all incorporate to make perfect scenery and a view to behold.

After the electrifying helicopter ride, you will be dropped to the nearest helipad of Agra where a luxurious Sedan/SUV awaits you. Just when your excitement calms down it is time to rejuvenate the enthusiasm when you will be taken to visit the Taj Mahal in person.

One of the major comfort being provided by the Agra tour by helicopter will be the pre-booked tickets and a multilingual guide who will lay down each and every architectural detail regarding the monument. Thus, without any delay and obstruction, you will be able to enter the Taj because at the Taj Mahal tour by helicopter we tend to believe in bestowing utmost delightful and relaxed journey.

As you enter the gates of the Taj, you will be spellbound because there lies one of the seven wonders of the world standing in all its glory and pride. It is constructed on a raised platform having a foundation of wood that grows stronger day by day due to the running river the Yamuna nearby. The four free minarets provide not only a sort of spatial reference to the monument but also give a three-dimensional impact to the edifice.

After the 3-4 hours visit to the mausoleum, you will be taken for lunch in a 5-star hotel to fill your empty stomach and energize yourself again. Having lunch in a deluxe hotel the same day Agra tour will take you to the local handicraft bazaars of Agra.  The marvels with inlay styles and therefore the colorful rugs of Agra have an excellent demand among the tourists. Miniature Taj Mahal in marble, handcrafted textiles, carpets, items made with semi- precious stones, finely engraved marbles are a number of handicraft materials bought by tourists from all over the world.

With this, you will come to an end of this unforgettable journey with the Taj Mahal tour by helicopter. You will be taken back to the nearest helipad in Agra from where you will be sent to Delhi. Having the most astonishing trip of your life. The type of journey you will never forget and will cherish throughout . Come along with your friends, family and loved ones and experience the most advanced trip planned especially for you by Taj Mahal Tour by helicopter.