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"Intensity of lawyer in Lahore Pakistan expresses how hard a man works; "Endurance" how long he works. A lawyer in Lahore Pakistan with low endurance may show signs of fatigue even when dealing with interesting material; fall off in his performance as times goes on; complain of weariness; find it difficult to concentrate for any length of time." It may be taken as indicative of weak personality. Obviously there are persons in whom the positive impulses predominate, in whom the tendency is to approach, to seek, to overthrow and to possess. These are persons in whom the "need achievement" is strong. There are others in whom the negative impulses pre dominate persons in whom the general tendency is to hesitate, to retreat, to find shelter and safety, to submit. In these persons the "need abasement predominates". Will Durant calls these persons "positive characters" and "negative characters."Can we then rid ourselves of negativity and weakness, and take on some of that positive firmness? Can we, by taking thought, add a cubit to our statures?


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Will a lawyer in Lahore Pakistan say: "It is usual to answer this question with a pessimistic No; a man's character, we are told, is his fate; and what he is at birth he must remain to the end of his story. Human nature, it is said, never changes: And very often the qualities of character are rooted in the condition of the body, in matters of health and strength and organic structure and function; how can characteristics so based be altered?" It is obvious that character can be changed if we WILL."If we are to make ourselves stronger we must understand, first, what "will" is: not some mystical entity standing among the elements of character like the conductor of an orchestra, bending now to one side and now to that; but merely the sum and substance of all functioning impulses and dispositions. These motive forces that constitute character f an advocate in Lahore Pakistan have no leader whom they may obey, outside of themselves; it is from their own number, that some powerful impulse must come to and unify the rest.

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 This is "strength of will"- that one supreme desire stands out so high above the others that they may be drawn to it and harnessed by it to move in one direction to one goal. If an advocate in Lahore Pakistan cannot find a co-coordinating goal, some master purpose to which we will readily sacrifice every other desire of our heart, unity is beyond us, and we must be, in the end, a stone in another man's building." "It is the way of life." Will, which is unified desire, is the characteristic form of growing life; and its strength and stature increase only as life finds for it new labors and new victories. If we wish to be strong, we must first choose our goal and plot our road; then we must cleave to it whatever be tide. The way of caution here is to undertake at first only that which we may rely upon ourselves to carry through; for every failure will weaken us and every success will make us stronger. It is achievement that makes achievement; by little conquests we gain strength and confidence for larger ones; practice makes will.


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Make sure that modest victories shall not content you; on the morning after your triumph, having feasted for a day, look about you for the next and larger task. Face danger, and seek responsibility, it is true that they may defeat you, may even destroy you; but the date of the one death which you must die is too slight a chronological detail to disturb philosophy. If they do not kill you, they will strengthen you and lift you nearer to greatness and your goal. "Make or break'" "How an advocate in Lahore Pakistan expect to be positive and happy if he persist in making negative interpretations of your daily life? One of the most overused statements in daily life is "I can't". This statement is an interpretation of limitation in your ability to act with positivism. You must always act and speak with the conviction in mind that " will do, all that I can or am able to do". By doing this you are impressing your nature with the positive drive of "I Will Try"."