The precast concrete wall may be defined as a construction wall where casting concrete is used in reusable form followed by curing in a controlled environment. The compound wall breaks at two points which protect the property by aesthetic design. The precast compound wall may be the fine option for fencing. Precast compound wall price details are available online. Cement precast fencing compound wall cost can be estimated by the amount per square foot. 

The cost of the compound wall depends on the height  

Concrete RCC precast compound wall may be measured by thickness, color, height, and features. The price of the compound wall may depend on all these factors. Some trading companies may offer the Precast compound wall and the cost may be estimated as the amount per square feet. The standard height of the compound wall as per Vastu Shasta maybe 4-6 feet. The maximum height of the compound wall can be increased from 3.0 feet 3.2 feet without planning. But, if the height is at 3.6 meters, then it cannot be changed.

Variation of Standard height of the compound wall

The height of the precast compound wall depends on the panning policy. The standard height of the compound wall may vary from 4-6 feet. The height of the compound wall may be authenticated by the local planning authority. The local office gives permission depending on the area of the plot and the type of construction of a building. Precast complete panel wall may be made by concrete /steel. Plank height may be of 1 foot. Example of concrete precast compound wall holds height 7 feet with thickness 2-4 feet. An example of the industrial wall may be of height 5-10 feet and may be known as a precast folding compound wall. Material is of cement/ concrete.

Precast compound wall price depends on the height

The precast industry offers various categories of a precast compound wall with a diverse range. The different industries may avail of the services of the precast industries. The different industries are civil contractors, water authorities, local governments, and plumbing contractors.RCC or readymade compound concrete wall may be of a thickness of 50 mm. Precast compound wall price may depend on height allowed or planned. Some companies may offer flawless precast compound wall sourced from authenticated vendors. Some walls can be moved easily and are built with an excellent finish.


The precast compound wall cost can be estimated by the cost calculator. All the input details may be provided with data in the calculator. The height, thickness, type of concrete may be inserted in the calculator. It is obvious that the pricing details may be inserted in the cost calculator and the estimated price of the concrete wall may be ascertained. The net area of the concrete wall may be calculated by the height, width, and depth. Then the total hollow areas of windows and doors will be subtracted. The total area of the precast compound wall will be calculated. The precast concrete wall may be built for protection, safety, and security. It can offer a high level of security due to the concrete structure.