Child of Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams, Daniel has been picked by the US security authorities after he went live on Instagram to unveil certain delicate data about himself and his family.

Daniel was gotten while gushing live on Instagram in an inn in the USA.

The Police officials, numbering around five made the capture at the request for the Duncan Williams son Sextape family so as to take him to the emergency clinic for a psychological assessment.

Prior, representative for the family unveiled that Daniel Duncan-Williams is sick with intense Bipolar issue, a condition he has been doing combating with for as far back as six years.

Priest Ebenezer Obodai showed that the child of the General Overseer of Action Chapel International had backslid because of his inability to proceed with his recommended prescriptions.

"Through the family, Daniel has experienced the absolute best clinical intercessions, medicines and hospitalizations, yet he despite everything encounters backslides when he doesn't proceed [with] his endorsed prescription," some portion of the announcement read.

Diocesan Obodai clarified further that, albeit a portion of his lead during such times of backslide are revolting and detestable, it must be comprehended that he has a genuine disease and "isn't of himself."

"The Archbishop has implored everywhere throughout the world for countries, pioneers, ministers, families, moms and laypeople and as of now, he approaches that you participate in supplication for Danny and the family. We are accepting, with God on our side, that Daniel will come out of this more grounded and with a declaration to the brilliance of God," the announcement further peruses.

Daniel got web-based social networking warmed after he dropped some sexual recordings of himself and two different women.

Duncan Williams son Sextape slanted for a considerable length of time on twitter as individuals communicated their failure at his conduct.