Undoubtedly, diamond stone is the first love of every woman. But, the precious stone have several benefits, which include health and astrological benefits. If a person believes in the Indian astrology, and know the age-old scriptures and science of astrology, he or she must know that wearing suitable original gemstones might bring in significant and positive changes in the life of a person. 

Hence, for the same reasons, astrologers and our ancestors considered gemstones as the best astrological remedy that helps a person to overcome the problems and hurdles in their life. Among the list of nine gemstones present in astrology, astrologers consider diamond as the most precious one with Venus as its ruling planet. 

The Appearance

The whole planet knows about the strength of diamond. It is the hardest substance that one can find on the planet and yes, of course it is unbreakable. Diamond stones are rare naturally occurring mineral, which is a compound of carbon. Most of the stones found are either yellow or brown in color. However, the jewelry as well as the astrological gemstone industry prefer the use of colorless diamonds. In astrology and astrological usage and purposes, the sparkling, colorless, shiny, glittery piece of diamonds are considered the most suitable and original gemstones. 

The Ruling Planet

Astrology says that the divine powers along with the influence of the planet Venus or Shukra has blessed the diamond. Astrology considers Venus as a benefic planet, signifying the presence of luxury, love, charm and other beautiful things in a person’s life. Therefore, astrologers suggests diamonds to those who want to make a great career in entertainment and art industry. Although astrologers and mystics believe that wearing diamonds, brings good luck, fortune and bad luck in an evil person’s life. However, people must follow their horoscope and analyze the compatibility of the stone before wearing or using it. 

Astrological Benefits

  • As per the astrological beliefs, wearing a diamond helps a person to overcome their feeling of inferiority as well as increase the level of confidence in an individual. 

  • Persons born under the zodiac signs of Virgo and Libra receive the best benefits with positive results after wearing a diamond ring. Astrologers recommend them to do so, as the divine powers bestow them with good luck, prosperity, peace and happiness in their lives for a long run. 

  • Astrologers recommend the stone to the people blocked by creativity as they fail to express themselves through the medium of arts and creativity. It is the best for professionals such as writers, artists and painters. 

  • Astrologers recommend the stone to people who overthink, suffer from psychological disorders such as anxiety, nervousness and bad temper. Wearing the stone brings peace to their life as it helps in calming their minds. 

How to Wear a Diamond Ring

  • First, an individual need to analyze the quality of diamond. Ensure that it’s colorless, authentic and have no cracks and spots in it. Always ensure that the diamonds is measured in Ratti rather than in carats. 

  • Make the diamond ring in any of the metals such as silver, platinum and gold as per choice and budget. However, it is necessary to energize the stone before wearing it.

  • Chant the mantra “Om Shum ShukrayeNamaha Om” for 108 times, which will energize the diamond and yield the best results. 

  • Astrologers’ advice men to wear it on the middle finger of the right hand and women on the middle finger of the left hand.