Social media video sharing apps are just like Instagram, where one shares photos and videos. With the increase in the use of social media apps, one can say the millennials, and Gen-z’s life revolves around social media apps nowadays. After witnessing the popularity of apps like Instagram, entrepreneurs are aspiring to build similar white-labeled photo-sharing apps to gain massive global reception.

Few mind-boggling facts about social media

1. According to reports by Emarsys, there are approximately 3.5 billion social media users worldwide, which constitutes 45% of the world population.
2. Facebook is leading the market with over 68% of the US population being part of it.
3. People, especially the younger generation, are extensive users of the social media apps. 90.4% of millennials and 77.5% of Gen-Z are daily users of the Social media app, as per the Emarketer report 2019.

Features are one of the important aspects that define social media apps. Here are some of the widely used features to be part of a social media app development solution:

Live filters: Users can choose from a wide range of filters, which include attractive virtual ears, nose, and so on. These features can be part of stories, posts, and live videos.

Go live: Social media apps are all about getting followers. Users can easily captivate the attention of followers through a live feed. The followers will get notifications when their favorite celebrity or personality is posting a live feed, and they can instantly tune into the video by clicking onto the notification.

Stories are similar to WhatsApp status; they will disappear within 24 hrs. The only difference is that they can create links to profiles, another webpage in the social networking apps’ stories. Users can endorse or advertise their products by adding links to that using the “swipe up” feature in the stories.

Messaging: Just like instant messaging apps, users can either send individual messages or group messages using chat features.

These are some of the essential features there are many more attractive features and attributes that ought to be included in the video-sharing app development solution. Have an expert team from a reputed company like Appdupe assist you in the process of building a spectacular social media app.

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