Online marketing supports us to reach prospects and customers through distinct channels where they are spotted using their time often socializing and exploring, reading, or buying. It is a novel mode of endorsing any product by email, social media, or Google Ads. On the flip side, traditional marketing is a conventional way to stretch out to a meagre audience with offline strategies including several monotonous promotions. 

Online marketing has lessened the cost of market products extensively. Any business can increase its social presence and access more customers with long-lasting relationships. The Internet world has created unusual channels that engage and transform the bigger audience into positive leads.

Although traditional marketing is clear to reach the local audience, the difficulty balancing the cost of production and outreach traditionally is certainly very tedious. Until today, we massively rely on the selling techniques 4 P’s of marketing: product, price, place, and promotion. 

Let us dive on one into the most popular marketing channels used in the entire world:

Online Marketing: 

  • Email Marketing: Email marketing is a highly productive online marketing strategy of sending emails to our targeted audience. It is simply the best way to make sales online as it adds value to your prospects for free. 

  • SearchEngine Optimization (SEO): It is the practice that helps improve the website to increase its visibility and rank high at all relevant searches. SEO targets potential customers to their websites and delivers quick results.

  • Content Marketing: An online marketing approach that promotes brand reputation and boosts conversion rates. It engages a clearly-defined audience and eventually drives more referral traffic. Content marketing centres on creating more on-site content that outranks high in search results. It improves customer and or reader relationships.

  • Social Media Marketing: It connects us with the audience to market a company's product or service and drive visual traffic to increase sales. Social media marketing equips a way to reach new customers and engage with existing ones. Majorly, it involves creating and sharing content, pictures, and videos on various most popular media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest for brand development.

  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC): Another most popular online advertising model which drives traffic to the website each time a user clicks on one of the online advertisements. It's a way of buying visits by an advertiser rather than earning organically.

  • Display Advertising: A display ad is a form of paid online marketing that uses appealing visuals in a manner of a designed image or video advertisements that encourages the user to take a specific action. 

  • Affiliate Marketing: An online marketing strategy of getting a commission while you promote other people's business. Affiliate marketing creates multiple income sources, solely based on performances as you incur a percentage of profit for each sale that you make. It quickly ascends visual traffic and online sales.

Traditional Marketing:

  • Direct Sales: Direct sales is a traditional marketing strategy that involves a retail channel managed by distributors to market products and services directly to consumers. You may find it difficult to touch a wider audience as each customer is approached individually at doorsteps. The marketing approach requires enough time and should be ready to face denials or the risk of failures.

  • Print: Print media advertising is yet another form of marketing that uses magazines and newspapers to reach customers and prospects. It creates concrete relationships with the community to build a raving and loyal customer fan base.  

  • Outdoor: Outdoor marketing refers to the traditional way of campaigning that involves billboards and transit vehicles etc. It enables efficiency, geographic flexibility, and intensifies creativity. Outdoor marketing conveys insufficient information and is not particularly target-audience oriented.

  • BroadcastBroadcasting marketing describes a traditional form of media that includes television and radio producing original advertisements and gets the right to broadcast them through entertainment programs, movies, news, sports, and many more. It is a great platform to sell any product because it provides a highly targeted audience.

Even though a lot of marketing is done traditionally, online marketing is slowly getting an edge. There is a whole lot of people using the Internet for their day-to-day transactions. At zero cost, now anyone can run an online business by simply creating a website or an account on various social media platforms to advertise brands.


We are required to be ahead of time despite driving successfully a business or mastering any specific skill. We are needed to work beyond our comfort zones and understand the leverage of online marketing techniques to expand and reach out to their targeted audience. Hire the best online marketing agency who will develop the best strategy for your business to grow. Digi Om Marketing Agency is one of the top digital marketing companies that work globally to help their clients achieve their goals. 

If we reflect upon the digital arena, we might notice that online marketing has advanced over a period. Thus, when we argue online marketing vs traditional marketing, it is apparent that online marketing brings cutting edge business.

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