Minecraft is a fantastic game to play with your friends, and you can play with them on any platform as long as you have the same version.

This implies that if you possess Minecraft's Java Edition, you can only play with other Java Edition owners. The Bedrock Edition is no exception. If you have separate versions, you must purchase the other to play together.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition can be played on any platform that runs the game. The Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows PC, and mobile devices are all included. In order to do so, you'll need a Microsoft account. If you have an Xbox account, it will function properly. You can also make one for free right here.

Once you've created a Microsoft account, double-check that you've added the friend you wish to play with to it. This frequently necessitates sending a buddy invite to their Xbox Gamertag.

Participating in a Friend's Game

You can join your friend in the middle of the game if they are playing in their own hosted session. You can join their session if you're friends with them on Microsoft by going to the Friends tab and looking under "Joinable Cross-Platform Friends."

These seminars are limited to eight persons at a time.

If you're invited to a session, you'll see a pop-up with the option to accept or decline.

Getting Your Friends to Play Your Game

To invite friends, go to the game's start menu. You'll be prompted to invite friends in a sidebar. You can invite people from your friends list to join your game once you select "invite."

Keep track of which player permissions are active in your current session (visible in settings). You can make it so that people who join your session can only look at your world, or you can let them build and break blocks as they please. You can even give them administrative access to your system. Once friends join your session, you can set these privileges individually by clicking the yellow icon next to their names.

Multiplayer Using Realms

Realms, which are servers that are always online and don't require a host to be playing, are another option for players.

If you're playing on a PC, you can send invites to your Realm via the Friends tab or a link. The Minecraft app will be launched when you click the link. Players on consoles will need to be invited through their friends list. Check details at remoteconnect.

After you've joined the Realm for the first time, you'll be able to access it through your Friends tab at any time. As long as the Realm is still online, the Reams you've joined will appear under "Joinable Realms." (Keep in mind that Realms can only have 11 players active at once, so if you can't join, it's possible that there are already too many people in there.)