AOL Desktop gold software is amazing software that allows you to play games, watch movies, browse the internet, chat, or email to anyone, security features and more.

That’s all options are available in AOL software.

After knowing the amazing feature of users want to download AOL desktop gold software on their favorite OS i.e. Windows or MAC.

But, they get trouble while downloading and installing AOL gold software on the system. So, you no need to worry, this post is for you to know why you can’t download AOL gold.

Just follow procedure carefully and setup AOL on your Computer/PC.

Before downloading, go through specifications between software and system that allow you to download software on system.

List of Specification to Download AOL Gold

  • Operating System: (Windows 7, 8, & 10 or MAC)

  • Good Internet connection

  • Must Enough space to download AOL software

  • Higher screen resolution

  • High speed Computer processor

  • Updated Web browser (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer)

Then, move to the next section……!!!!!

From Where….. Download AOL Desktop Software 

If you are new or don’t have an idea from where I download AOL gold Windows. Then, open your web browser i.e. Google Chrome, type AOL desktop gold and go to the official website.

In case, you are unable to find website then click here

List Of Issue if Your Device Shows While Downloading:

Most users reported that they got problems while downloading. So, check out below what’s problem could be arises while run desktop gold software:

Troubleshooting AOL Desktop Download Problem

If you encounter a similar problem from above mentioned, you need to troubleshoot this immediately. Because of this problem, it stops you downloading and installing AOL gold software.

Let’s focus on a list of options of what you should do to get rid of the download error that displays on Windows system.

  • First off, make sure your program and system meet with specific requirements that are already above mentioned. 

  • Check your system is not infected by any virus and Malware programs. If you are suspicious your system is infected by a virus, install and run scanner tool (Antivirus tool). With the help of this tool, the whole system scans and removes all the malware programs.

  • In case your system has limited space, your download process becomes complicated. So, you need to clean all the junk files from your system.

  • Ensure your system has updated drivers. If not, install updated system drivers. Due to this, you might come across 104 error.

  • Changing System settings is the reason behind download error.

Check Windows Update Option 

Your Windows must be updated to download AOL gold. To do that…..

  • Open Windows Start button.

  • Type Settings -> After Click on Settings Icon

  • Select “Update & Security”

  • Click on this, update & security screen will appear.

  • Now, choose Windows Update option

  • Further, check your Windows updated or not. If not, update it now.

In this sort of situation, if your automatic update feature is not working, don't be upset; just go ahead given guide on how to troubleshoot AOL desktop gold automatic update not working…..!!!!!

Thus, you can figure out on AOL desktop gold download error and easily fix it. If you need further assistance, take help from experts.