UberEats manages to operate seamlessly in almost 26 countries with about 40,000 restaurants worldwide. A food delivery platform needs to attract the audience towards it to enhance its sustainability. The online medium provides a competitive advantage for budding startups. Even a novice can compete easily against a giant of the industry and can still emerge victorious with ideal research on the locality. 

If you are an entrepreneur eyeing to establish your presence in the online food delivery segment, ensure that your platform is unique and attractive. Let’s discuss some of the must-have features that can enable an UberEats clone to stay competitive here, 

  • Personalization: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can make lives easier for a food delivery platform. Customers feel special if they get personalized messages, notifications, offers, etc. With the help of users’ search history and preferences, coupled with AI and ML, you can provide personalizations, leading to enhanced customer engagements. 
  • Schedule orders: Scheduling is a great user retention technique. By enabling users to schedule their orders well-in-advance, one can enhance the app’s reliability. 
  • Reorder: Another great way to provide convenience to users is by letting reorder from their order history. This way, routine users needn’t waste their time searching and filtering restaurants. 
  • Real-time menu: The unavailability of ordered food in the restaurant can lead to loss of reliability. Moreover, it hampers user convenience significantly. Integrating a real-time menu, wherein restaurants can update food availability from time to time, can come in handy. 
  • Push notifications: Although most food delivery platforms do not concentrate on this feature, push notifications are a great way to boost visibility. By letting users know that the platform offers instant deliveries from favorite restaurants, the app gets to stay on the customers’ radar. 
  • In-app wallet: Users find it challenging to pay via cash or enter their account details during payments. By integrating an in-app wallet, users can add/remove money from their bank accounts to wallets, making payments in a jiffy. 
  • Multi-lingual support system: Users from different demographics need to be comfortable using the app. Having a multi-lingual support system can enable them to access the platform in the language of their choice, boosting comfort. 

Wrapping up, 

It is the features of a platform that interact with customers, deciding the user experience. An UberEats clone, creating a visual impact with its features, can easily register a place in customers’ smartphones. Integrate these features into your food delivery app and establish your presence right away!