Today's tiles are mainly elegant neutral colours, but a century ago, the tiles were painted in bright colours, complex designs, and bold figures. These tiles were used to give the house a more lively appearance. Retro patterned tiles are regaining interest in the interior design world as people begin to admire the designs and fine craftsmanship of the past.

However, since installing antique Victorian tiles cannot be feasible in today's world, you should go for vintage-looking tiles instead. These vintage ceramic tiles are fantastic because they combine the longevity of ceramic tiles with the patterns that were common in the past to give them a vintage appearance. Aside from the bright colours and complex patterns, the order in which the tiles are laid out often adds to their appeal.

Here, have a look at different some of the old fashioned vintage tile designs-


During the Victorian period, black and white tiles were very common. Take a look at AGL Tile's  New Status Square Decor kitchen tiles. These vintage wall tiles give your kitchen a chic and retro look that fits in nicely with the rest of your house. These monochromatic tiles are very simple to decorate with. These black and white tiles will give your kitchen a retro feel.


We all love wood accent wall construction, and nothing beats it when it has the rustic, salvaged feel to it. AGL TileVintage Wood Blue tiles make the ideal accent wall for your living room, leaving your visitors speechless every time they come to see you.


Terracotta Tiles are one of the first things that come to mind when thinking of antique flooring tiles. Terracotta Tiles are the perfect retro floor tiles for giving your home sturdy and attractive flooring. They are most likely one of the oldest vintage-style floor tiles still available on the market. The Holz Slate Plus tiles are a modern take on vintage tiles that will add a vintage feel to your space.


The bold colours and intricate patterns of Mediterranean tiles are well-known. AGL Tiles' Azulate Blue Art is a stunning example of the elegance of Mediterranean tiles. This can be used in any area, including the kitchen, bathroom, and living room, as seen in the image below. These tiles will make a lovely antique bathroom tile accent wall if you use them in your shower.


The Fabline Decor tiles, with their Victorian floral style, are an excellent choice for a kitchen or bathroom backsplash. And if you're brave enough to use it as floor tiles, believe us when we say space would be breath-taking. Any guest will be drawn to your kitchen because of this Vintage Kitchen tile floor.

I hope this post convinced you to try out vintage tiles in your home.

Source: Add Victorian Touch to Your Home with Vintage Looking Tiles