It’s true when they say that life is like a roller coaster. It certainly is! No day is the same as there is inconsistency in events, moods, and emotions. We either get bombarded by external influences or else our own feelings get the better of us. Being consistently optimistic seems impossible at times when everything else is so inconsistent. That’s probably one of the reasons why we try to organize our lives and create a routine for ourselves. As long as some part of our lives is in our control, we feel somewhat at peace, but the minute things slip out of our hands, anxiety takes over. As unpredictable as life might be, we need at least some part of it to be predictable, for the sake of a little stability. At times, when an opportunity does not come up on its own, we have to search harder or create one ourselves. For the sake of staying positive, we need to keep ourselves motivated and this can be done by following some of the suggestions given below. 


1. Lay Emphasis on Physical Fitness: 

It is true indeed that good health is the greatest blessing for any living, breathing creature. As long as you are healthy you can continue dreaming of conquering the world! In order to remain physically fit you need to take your vitamins, take care of your diet, and make sure you exercise daily. Fresh and clean air are vital for your physical wellbeing so try taking a stroll in the park, in your garden, or wherever there’s a bit of greenery. You could even take your dog for a walk if you have one or ride a bicycle with your friends. And if nothing else, you could join a dance class with your partner which will not only be physically healthy for you but also healthy for your relationship. Add fruits and vegetables to your diet and other than what you eat, try to keep a watch over how much you eat. Eating in moderation will prevent you from gaining weight unnecessarily 


2. Don’t Forget Mental Health: 

For staying mentally fit it is important to challenge your intellectual capacity every now and then. Try solving puzzles, play chess, cards, or other board games with your loved ones. Watching talk shows and reading the news will improve your general knowledge and sharpen your mind. Reading in itself is a very useful tool for intellectual growth; it improves your vocabulary and tenses and helps you see things from a broader perspectiveImproved memory, observation skills, and problem-solving skills, all qualify as mental fitnessIt’s true that when you feel negative thoughts they only grow stronger and increase in number, luckily the same principle applies to pleasant thoughtsWhen you are optimistic and hopeful, even in the most trying circumstances, solutions begin to present themselves. Put positive thoughts out into the universe and it will pay you back with more positivity. 


3.Be Productive and Self-Sufficient: 

We all have to work in order to earn our bread and butter but also for reasons that go beyond the fulfillment of basic necessities. Financial independence gives us a sense of freedom as we don’t have to rely on others to cater to our needs. At any stage in life human beings long for a sense of achievement as it helps them stay motivated. For some people, their jobs become the main source of motivation, especially if they like what they do. We use our skills, invest our time and effort, and often work as a team for completing a task at work. When we are able to accomplish an important task within a given time frame, along with the knowledge that we will get a reward (salary) for our effortsthis boosts our self-esteem.  


4. Leisure Time is Essential: 

Where there’s time for work, there should also be time for play. Once you know you’ve dedicated a satisfactory number of hours to work, you should take some time out for relaxation. The concept of leisure time differs from person to person. Watching a good movie or your favorite season might be your idea of relaxation while for someone else chatting with a friend could be just as pleasurable. You could look up an interesting recipe on the internet and invite a friend over for cooking a meal together, or you could hang out at a café with a couple of friends. Your idea of leisure could be as simple as listening to your favorite songs while cleaning your room or ordering pizza and devouring every bit of it with a fellow foodie. 

It is natural to get frightened when you feel like life is aiming arrows at you, but in truth, even if you do get hit, it isn’t impossible to recover. There is no point in worrying about something that might happen before it actually happens. When you are alone the fear is intense, but when you talk to others you realize you’re not the only one. The one foolproof key to happiness is interaction with others, whether they be your family, friends, acquaintances, or someone you’ve never met before. In the present day circumstances, due to COVID- 19, we are physically unable to interact with people the way we previously probably could. However, with online chat applications, our lives are made easier, and we can easily communicate with loved ones both near and far. There’s no reason to feel hopeless for there’s always a way out, and hope in itself is a route to happiness.