Fundamental Right & Advocate in Lahore Pakistan: 

According to a family lawyer Nazia who is an advocate in Lahore Pakistan the popular forces struggling against the situation become necessarily focused on the immediate issue of restoration of political rights while the problems that mostly require systemic corrections, as of equality and non-discrimination in respect of women, although vital, get relegated to the background. The cause of women, thus, has a direct and manifold link with constitutional and democratic governance through an advocate in Lahore Pakistan. The Commission thinks it important, therefore, that any inquiry into the elemental problems of women begin by taking a close look at the country's Constitution. For its own part, the Commission considered it to have been assigned a more limited role. It has therefore passed over many of the sensitive manifestations of discrimination, though it has left no doubt about where it stands on principles. One area of sensitivity is the Objectives Resolution according to an advocate in Lahore Pakistan. There can be no doubt about the intention of its adopters, who were also this country's founders and the first generation of its law-makers. They had wished it to be a guide to future constitution-making and law-making, not a part of the Constitution or of law itself. They worded it as such too. We have, however, refrained from making any recommendation on this aspect because of the sensitivity such issues tend unduly to acquire and because of the meaning that will be put on the recommendation. Since the test of good governance is how well the interests of the people are served, of freedom and of equality with others.

Get Know About Constitutional Fundamental Rights of Citizen Under the Law:

This is a statement of what the Constitutional Fundamental Rights usually begin by laying down the rights of citizens in terms of their dignity and well tuition will require the pledge that nothing it does to guarantee to each citizen at all cost according to an advocate in Lahore Pakistan. It is thus the backbone of a Constitution. It is the Principal element in the social contract between the State and the citizen. Fundamental rights should thus in all matters be regarded as they are meant to be -- fundamental should be Not only should all laws conform to them but the rest of the Constitution articles, there are miscellaneous provisions within the stated Fundamental Rights which need to modified to accord letter with their own intent and to eliminate room tor possible nation against women.

First Schedule of the Constitution:

For instance, Article 8 bars the touchstone of these rights being applied to the laws relating to the armed forces and the police and to those listed in the First Schedule of the Constitution; by that token it makes all these laws immune to scrutiny on the oasis or gender discrimination. Clearly this was not its purpose for it gives Fundamental Rights their strength and requires all laws to conform to the basic rights it guarantees. However, owing to persistent moves to encroach upon these rights, the Commission feels that this Article can be further strengthened and the inadvertent ambiguity removed interpreted so as to fully accord with them in letter and spirit Recommendations of an advocate in Lahore Pakistan Article 8 of the Constitution needs to be further strengthened with the addition of a specific clause saying in substance that all the provisions of the Constitution shall be interpreted so as to accord with the Fundamental Rights.1.2 An exception is made in Article 8(3) in respect of conformity to fundamental rights of laws relating to the armed forces and the police and of laws in the First Schedule