30th anniversary gifts for parents

A gift that should not be missing in this series is a ring with a ruby. The ruby is a red gemstone that stands for passion. In addition, the ruby is one of the most powerful gemstones after the diamond, which goes well with a 30th-year marriage.

Wine tasting for a 30th year marriage

Are you looking for a present for your parents' 30-year marriage? Because of the color of the ruby, a wine tasting also goes very well with a ruby wedding! For example, organize a wine tasting at home.

Weekend in Bordeaux

When we talk about the color ruby, a trip to Bordeaux in France is also a nice idea for a 30th anniversary gifts for parents! Bordeaux is known for its wines, the Garonne and the historic center, which is a World Heritage Site.

Married 30th years: gift ideas for a golden wedding

Have family members, acquaintances or your parents been married for 40 years? Then crown this golden wedding with one of these beautiful gifts. For more ideas for celebrating the 50th wedding anniversary, see our article How to celebrate the 16th Wedding Anniversary gifts?

Golden watch for a golden wedding

A suitable gift for a golden wedding is of course a gold watch! A gold watch is a wonderful gift to give to your partner after half a century of marriage. By the way, you know whether a watch is made of gold if the amount of gold is indicated in carats on the watch.

Statue with gold        

A gift that will bring joy to many people is a beautiful statue. Hence, for a gold wedding, give a statue with gold details. Work with the recipients to choose a beautiful statue so that they really get something they like.

Original gifts for the wedding day

With one of these gifts for every wedding anniversary you buy a very memorable wedding anniversary gift for your parents, your partner or your friends. Are you celebrating an anniversary yourself? Take a look at our anniversary cards and invite family and friends to the party!